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June 2018     The Fiscal Budget FY18/19 Meeting Minutes:

Friends of Newbury Town Library Fiscal Budget Meeting June 7, 2018.

Attendees:  Jean Ackerly, Maureen Haley, Pam Myers-Kinney, Joan Friedman, Linda Riviera and Tammy Cotter.

President, Maureen:  Would anyone like to switch Board Officer positions?  Patty not present for comment, Tammy asked her and everyone is happy where they are. Cross training for the summer:  Joan to learn Membership and Mailchimp from Tammy.  Tammy to learn web page management from Maureen, Linda would like to learn Facebook from Maureen.  Maureen to  set up Instagram Acct. and Linda can help. Sent over 30 Welcome Letters to new residents during the past 6 months and will track them on the Membership List for new signups. Will contact Gail at Council On Aging to assist in promoting the Friends to members and to publish our Events on their newsletters.

Tammy, Vice President:  Einstein program is 9/18, proposed having the Meet & Greet prior to and the Board agreed.  Will contact Board in August to discuss.  We may possibly have one before the Ted Reinstein program 9/27 – “New England General Stores” as well.  We have 90 current Friend members, no renewals in April or  May. She proposed having a Membership Campaign during Harvest Festival and the Board agreed, it will be discussed further in September.  She also proposed a new pricing policy for the Book Sale Room – the Board agreed that we sell a maximum of 10 books (paperback and hard cover) for $5.00.  She will create new sign to post. There is interest for Byfield hats and t-shirts and she will research costs.  She will also contact Sue Noyes at Town Hall about advertising Friends info on the Newbury T.V.  channel per Jean’s suggestion.

Pam, Treasurer:  FY 18/19 Budget is: $12,825! A milestone and huge accomplishment!  She proposed and the Board voted in favor of the Friends donating $4,000. on children’s programs,  $4,000. on adult programs and to anticipate Friends expenses to be approx. $1,100. Still time for more money to come in by June 30 and waiting on delayed town grant.  She provided detailed reports for the Board.  (FY17/18 ending Budget figures prior to June 30: Expenses $13,015.96 for Programs and supplies, Income $12,649.70):  asked Board to verify meeting minutes notes. She advised the Board that a few weeks ago she purchased a $100. gift card, per Jean’s request, to thank a photographer for taking pictures of NTL to post on their new website.  She also advised that the Friends ‘gifted’ the Town with a medium size Newbury flag.  Although the Board agreed that they were reasonable expenditures, all Finance transactions must be voted on in the future either via email or during a meeting.

Joan, Project Assistant:  It was proposed that she create a flyer to promote the sales of Newbury caps & boat flags to be posted at Town Hall and that she ask the Post office to post it as  well.

Patty, Secretary:  Unavailable, Linda Riviera graciously substituted.  

Jean, Library Director:   Presented statistics of Museum pass use, Children’s  Museum stats are low.  It was recommended by Pam that she purchase the Aquarium pass instead and all agreed.  Jean will ask the Trustees to pay for the Children’s. Museum pass.  She mentioned that the Friends donation jar should be out during all Friends sponsored programs. She and Erin, Assistant Director, are working on creating Welcome packets as there are 10-12 residents applying for a library card each month.  The Friends can come in to help put packets together.

Katelyn, Youth Director  (on vacation).

Calendar:  Harvest Festival will be held on October 13th, Saturday.  (Joan will not be available that day).

May 2018

The Friends sincerely thank each and every one of you that contributed in some way to make the annual Spring Plant Sale a success!  There was an abundance of healthy hanging baskets, perennials and annuals, along with a few herbs.  The baked goods went quickly, along with some Newbury hats, flags and bookbags.  With your help, we raised about $1,700.00 of which 100% will be spent on library programs, resources and more.      Also, congratulations to the raffle winners of 11 prizes including 2 passes for a Blue Man Group Show and a $50. Gift Card to the Sea Level Oyster Bar restaurant in Newburyport plus many others.

The next Friends meeting is June 7, Thursday at 12:15 at NTL.  This will be the Fiscal Budget Meeting for 2018/2019.  All are encouraged to attendand share ideas!  For more information, please contact us at:


Pam Myers-Kinney, Treasurer; Patty Olson, Secretary; Maureen Haley, President and Tammy Cotter, Vice President.  Joan Friedman, our Project Assistant will be included soon in our next picture!


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