BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!   Purchase any Friends item and choose 10 free books from our Book Sale Room.   NEW items for sale! Prints of local historical places, painted & donated by Newbury resident Jean Pearson.  “Byfield School” $25 matted and shrink-wrapped, and “Hometown” $15.  Also, quality tote bags & backpacks handmade & donated by Carla Moss.  Each is an original and the kids’ items include a toy.  Great gifts!   

$50. includes plush kitten





$50 includes plush toy monkey

hats and flags_edited

Newbury caps: $20 (available in 5 colors.)     Newbury boat flags:  $35  Small (12″ x 18″).     $50  Medium (2′ x 3′).     $65  Large (3′ x 5′).


Maroon canvas book bags:  $12.00.



All purchases take place at the Circulation Desk.

FREE: ♥ NTL bumper stickers are Free at the Circulation Desk.

bumper sticker closeup

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