Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2020 (ZOOM)

Present: Tammy Cotter, Pam Kinney, Joan Friedman, Patty Olson, Maureen Haley, Jean Ackerly, Kati Bourque, Linda Rivera

  1. Minutes approved for March 2020 and April 2020
  2. Library Business
  • When the Library is cleared to open, Staff will return and prepare for new ways to operate the library during the coronavirus.  Most likely curbside pickup and returns in the beginning. Staff will prepare/reorganize  inside of the library for future patron access.
  • Due to cancellations of programs, Jean is under budget
  • Virtual Trivia had 39 register for event
  • Considering ways to reach out to patrons and offer more in the way of virtual programming. Writers workshop possibly in June.
  • Videos of people reading books for Storytime is needed
  • Fridays, Kati holds  a live story time on Zoom
  • Due to coronavirus Kati plans on cancelling all summer reading performers
  • Wednesday virtual moms support group/anyone can join

III. Board Business

  • Plant Sale options discussed with a plan A and plan B drafted by Patty
  • Board decided to hold a meeting on May 20th to finalize any decisions in regards to plant sale.(pending the Governor’s decision on May 18th in regards to quarantine)
  • Membership renewals will go out along with a letter from the Friends letting members know we are thinking of them and asking if they are in need of any assistance during the pandemic.
  • Website is updated and will add the Fiscal meeting information
  • Virtual cooking class, 35 registered and it was well received
  • Fiscal Budget meeting to be held on June 10, 2020 at noon
  •  A link for patrons/members to join the Fiscal meeting on Zoom will be added  to the LIbrary calendar 
  • Mailchimp will be sent out to invite members to join the meeting.
  • Board to consider ways to host a virtual or online raffle

IV. Treasurer

  • End of the fiscal year is upon us, hoping for a balance of $10,000 to start the new fiscal year. 
  • Final numbers will be provided at June meeting
  • Looking into purchasing Zoom so we can continue to hold virtual board meetings
  • Purchasing Museum passes are on hold until we know more about the plans to move forward with the pandemic.

April 22 and 23, 2020

Present: Tammy Cotter, Patty Olson, Pam Kinney, Linda Rivera, Maureen Haley, Joan Friedman, Jean Ackerly (4/22 only)

  1. Library Business (4/22)
  • Virtual Trivia program in May. Cost $350.00
  • Board had questions/concerns in regards trivia program, Jean agreed to look into our questions/concerns and get back to board before voting on program
  • Due to Coronavirus,  programs had to be  cancelled, Jean  thought  she was  under budget for the year

  II. Board Business(4/22 & 4/23)

  • Situation due to the Coronavirus is affecting Library as well as the Friends
  • Museum passes/ Do we continue to pay for them for next year?
  • As of now, no money is be taking in and we still have some expenses
  • Plant Sale could be cancelled or will be on a smaller scale and outside
  • Jean’s budget is $200.00 under,  Kati’s budget is under, exact number not available at time of meeting.
  • No refund for Trivia Brothers
  • Board approved Trivia Brothers program
  • Mailchimp will go out, it  will advertise the Trivia program as well as reminding Patrons of Amazon Smile
  • Zoom meeting will be scheduled for May to discuss coronavirus guidelines, plant sale, budget and any other issues

March 5, 2020

Present: Tammy Cotter, Maureen Haley, Pam Kinney, Linda Rivera, Patty Olson, Jean Ackerly, Kati Bourque,

Absent: Joan Friedman

  1. Minutes approved February 2020 meeting
  2. Library Business
  • Heather Creed asked to help identify plants for plant sale.
  • Renewal form for the Museum of Science came in. Friends to pay the remainder of the Aquarium pass
  • Budget is 1,800 over. Due to the popularity of the watercolors program and writers workshop. $300 for writers workshop, watercolors is $400. Yoga is another popular program. 
  • Motion passed to pay for additional $700 for another session of watercolors and writers workshop
  • Motion passed to pay for all other additional expenses
  • Explore Gardening sights on Facebook for Plant Sale
  • Library is looking into reusable library bags that patrons can check out and return, other local libraries are using them. Bags could have library or friends logo on it
  • Children’s programming during February vacation was successful and well attended
  • Students from the Governor Academy will be teaching coding to girls grades 4-6
  • April Vacation Lindsey and her Puppet Pals on Wed. April 22 @10:30 paid for by a MCC grant
  • Ukrainian Easter Egg: Added additional day due to popularity

III. Board Business

  • Start plant sale planning-ask patrons about donating plants through mailchimp with a save the date and flyers
  • 4/19-4/25 National Library week
  • 20th year anniversary of NTL to be celebrated at Harvest Festival. Tammy will be on the committee
  • Ideas to boost membership: Make use of voting days, next voting day is May 12th. Plans to create a membership tree in the library
  • Raffles: Maureen continues to receive raffle items for plant sale
  • Facebook we have 244 followers and Instagram is now active and linked with our facebook page
  • Continue to update Friends website with plant sale, programs and museum passes

IV. Treasurer

  • Library is on track even with additional expenses
  • Fundraiser idea “Standing Tall”, Pam will look into what day/night will work best during the month of April

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