Meeting Minutes

January 2, 2020

Present: Tammy Cotter, Maureen Haley, Joan Friedman, Pam Kinney, Linda Rivera, Jean Ackerly
Absent: Kati Bourque, Erin Ouimet

I.  Minutes approved for Dec. 5, 2019 meeting

II.  Library Business

  • Naid Grant will pay for Writers Workshop and Watercolor programs
  • $1,440 January -June is needed to pay for Yoga
  • Motion approved for Friends to pay for Yoga program
  • Jean and Erin will follow up with CuriousCity/Peabody passes
  • Friends will be responsible for the insurance on the leased copier
  • III. Board Business
  • Plans to brainstorm at next meeting about how to increase membership. 74 members to date.
  • Changes to Bylaw 7.3 approved
  • Revised Bylaws are completed and approved
  • Motion to approved for Maureen and Joan to be Directors at Large
  • Motion approved for Tammy as President and Patty as Vice President of the board
  • Plans to create google docs with specific roles that will include description/responsibilities for board memberGoogle docs will be cleaned up by Tammy and Maureen
  • Joan will update the website with current information including Friends sponsored events and the Welcome page. Will look into how to get usage reports.

IV. Treasurer

  • We are half way through the year and we have spent half of the budget, on target to reach our goals for the year
  • Leased copier $158.31 a month that includes lease and insurance
  • Flags have been ordered
  • Good Inventory on hats
  • Change of Directors will be filled out and sent to the state

December 5, 2019

Present: Erin Ouimet, Tammy Cotter, Maureen Haley, Joan Friedman, Pam Kinney, Linda RIvera, Patty Olson, Kati Bourque  Absent: Jean Ackerly

I. Minutes approved for November 7th and 13th meetings

II. Library Business

  • A check is needed for payment of yoga instructor for December 17th
  • Waiting for a response from the Town if library insurance will cover the insurance required for the leased copier.
  • January has a full schedule of events at the library. A star will be added to indicate Friends sponsored events. 
  • New Museum Passes for CuriousCity in Peabody opening in January. $50.00/year for patron use, family of four can use pass and get in free.
  • Suggestion for next year that the Board think about Giving Tuesday
  • Teddy Bear Sleepover was a success. $70.00 was raised for the Friends. Plans to do this program once a year and possibly add a Teddy Bear Clinic in the spring.

III. Board Business

  • Purchase of Museum Passes for CuriousCity in Peabody, Approved
  • Bylaws nearly finalized, sent to Trustees for review
  • Transition roles postponed until January meeting
  • Discussion if Annual report, Articles of Organization, Change in Directors, Memorandum of Understanding to be put into google docs will be discussed at January meeting
  • Discussion about Amazon Smile and getting Patrons involved. Suggested to set a goal and ask Patrons to help reach our goal for the year 
  • Creating google docs for all roles for backup purposes, postponed until January meeting
  • New website program to replace Word Press is still being explored. Medford Friends use a program called Wild Apricot. Also suggested to look into Photo Biz. 

IV. Treasurer

  • Budget is in great shape, half way through the fiscal year, projected we may reach $12,000
  • Amazon Smile $171.00 for the year
  • New procedure for new copier money, specific envelope marked “copier money”

October 3, 2019

Attendance: Maureen Haley, Jean Ackerly, Erin Ouimet, Kati Bourque, Pam Kinney, Tammy Cotter, Linda Rivera, Patty Olson

I. Minutes from Sept. 5th meeting, Approved. 

II. Meeting time changed to 12:30 vs 12:15 on the 1st Thursday of the month.

III.  Harvest Festival details and assignments discussed and finalized.

IV.  Library Business (Jean and Kati)

    • New copier is in. Invoice for first payment is due. Pam and Jean will talk specifics, cost should be around 1,400 yr.
    • Museum software due in February.
    • Cultural Council Grants due, Library will pay for grant.
    • Chris Howe who facilitates yoga class along with Jean will reach out to the recreation committee in regards to funding more classes.
    • Jean Mack performing Friday October 25th.
    • Teddy Bear Sleepover fundraiser on November 8th discussed. Proceeds raised will go to the Friends

V.  Board Business:

  • Suggestion made to change the way we currently do the meeting minutes and notes. Board agreed to new changes.
  • Discussion on request for funding that is above and beyond the yearly budget for the library be voted on privately in closed session in order to be provided an opportunity for the board to discuss further.
  • Board agreed to trying to lessen the amount of emails that are sent out to board members, focusing on sending only to members the email pertains to.
  • Reminder that when it comes to Friends events that the Friends board should be the ones taking the lead when assignments are given.

VI.  Meeting adjourned at 2:30


September 5, 2019 

Attendees: Maureen Haley, Jean Ackerly, Erin Ouimet, Katie Bourque, Pam Kinney, Tammy Cotter, Linda Rivera, Patty Olson Absent: Joan Friedman

I. Maureen:  Primary discussion today : Harvest Festival planning. 

  • Prizes/Raffles received so far include $50.00 gift certificate The Poynt Restaurant, 5 tickets Sky Zone Trampoline Park, $50.00 gift certificate Face and Body (spa), Carla Moss items
  • Minutes to be reviewed and approved at the beginning of every meeting
  • Board to reach out to selectman, police, fire to be judges for Pumpkin contest
  • Soup contest (no bread) Title: “Best in Soup”. Bread will be provided as a side
  • Bowls of soup will be sold after voting is closed
  • Harvest Festival will provide: Soup Contest, Mac and Cheese, Children’s craft stations, baked goods table, music (speaker or performer) Raffles and prizes for Soup and Pumpkin Contest.
  • 4 volunteers needed from 10a-12p and 4 volunteers 12-2p
  • Drop off for Pumpkins Tuesday October 15th through Saturday October 19th by 10:30 a.m.
  • Soups to be delivered by 9:30/10:00 October 19th
  • Set up Friday the 18th @ 3:00 and Saturday the 19th at 9:00

II. Tammy: Reports on Membership, merchandise inventory, HF input, etc.

  • Will work on sign up genius for Harvest Festival
  • Will reach out to Sue Noyes @ Town Hall in regards to Harvest Festival
  • To provide Mums for Harvest Festival
  • Suggested and will look into providing music for Harvest Festival

III. Pam: Finance reports, HF input, etc.

  • Signs all set for Harvest Festival
  • 2 grants = $800 ( Cultural Council of Georgetown $400 and Cultural Council Newbury $400) See Handout for Financial report

IV. Patty: Reports on any items and Harvest Fest ideas, etc.

  • Will contact Newspaper ( Newburyport Daily News and Town Common) with information about the Harvest Festival
  • To provide cornstalks and hay bales for Harvest festival

V. Linda:  Reports on any items and Harvest Fest ideas, etc.

  •  Will provide desserts from Dianne’s Fine Desserts

Joan: (Not present)

  • Will update fliers for Harvest Festival
  • Will assist with crafts for Harvest Festival
  • Will create mini posters

VI. Jean:  NTL reports on grants, Chamber ads, patron attendance at programs, Harvest Fest ideas,      

  • Handed out copies of her program plan for FY 2020 and associated costs. Also a handout on formal request for additional money.
  • Request to pay for new sign at $1400 that we would have come fiscal year 2019 but invoice came in fiscal year 2020 friends will provide reimbursement for sign.
  • Older Copier needs replacing. Jean received a quote, will cost $1335/yr to lease a refurbished or $1683/yr to lease new copier. It would be $140. 25/ month. Will yield $900/yr in income. Final annual cost will be $783
  • Pam (treasurer) informed board that Museum costs will decrease moving forward so it would be ok to spend money on a new color copier
  • Jean requested $600 for Museum Pass registration software
  • Federal Census would like to set up a table at Harvest festival to educate the public about the 2020 census
  • Board voted and approved Jean’s request for funding

VII. Erin:  Additional NTL reports and Harvest Fest ideas, etc.

  • Deadline for submissions for Harvest Festival to be in by Sept 13th
  • Suggested advertising raffle items to draw interest for Harvest Festival in the Newsletter
  • Library will host the Literary Pumpkin Contest at Harvest Festival

VIII. Kati:  Reports on Youth activities and Harvest Fest ideas, etc.

  • Dads & Donuts starts Sat. Sept 8th.
  • Craft stations for Harvest Festival for Children



  • Harvest Festival October 19, 2019
  • Next Friends meeting October 3, 2019
  • Friends sponsored programs, Childrens Yoga, Aging with Ease Yoga, Writers Workshop and Drumming Circle.



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