Meeting Minutes

April 22 and 23, 2020

Present: Tammy Cotter, Patty Olson, Pam Kinney, Linda Rivera, Maureen Haley, Joan Friedman, Jean Ackerly (4/22 only)

  1. Library Business (4/22)
  • Virtual Trivia program in May. Cost $350.00
  • Board had questions/concerns in regards trivia program, Jean agreed to look into our questions/concerns and get back to board before voting on program
  • Due to Coronavirus,  programs had to be  cancelled, Jean  thought  she was  under budget for the year

  II. Board Business(4/22 & 4/23)

  • Situation due to the Coronavirus is affecting Library as well as the Friends
  • Museum passes/ Do we continue to pay for them for next year?
  • As of now, no money is be taking in and we still have some expenses
  • Plant Sale could be cancelled or will be on a smaller scale and outside
  • Jean’s budget is $200.00 under,  Kati’s budget is under, exact number not available at time of meeting.
  • No refund for Trivia Brothers
  • Board approved Trivia Brothers program
  • Mailchimp will go out, it  will advertise the Trivia program as well as reminding Patrons of Amazon Smile
  • Zoom meeting will be scheduled for May to discuss coronavirus guidelines, plant sale, budget and any other issues

March 5, 2020

Present: Tammy Cotter, Maureen Haley, Pam Kinney, Linda Rivera, Patty Olson, Jean Ackerly, Kati Bourque,

Absent: Joan Friedman

  1. Minutes approved February 2020 meeting
  2. Library Business
  • Heather Creed asked to help identify plants for plant sale.
  • Renewal form for the Museum of Science came in. Friends to pay the remainder of the Aquarium pass
  • Budget is 1,800 over. Due to the popularity of the watercolors program and writers workshop. $300 for writers workshop, watercolors is $400. Yoga is another popular program. 
  • Motion passed to pay for additional $700 for another session of watercolors and writers workshop
  • Motion passed to pay for all other additional expenses
  • Explore Gardening sights on Facebook for Plant Sale
  • Library is looking into reusable library bags that patrons can check out and return, other local libraries are using them. Bags could have library or friends logo on it
  • Children’s programming during February vacation was successful and well attended
  • Students from the Governor Academy will be teaching coding to girls grades 4-6
  • April Vacation Lindsey and her Puppet Pals on Wed. April 22 @10:30 paid for by a MCC grant
  • Ukrainian Easter Egg: Added additional day due to popularity

III. Board Business

  • Start plant sale planning-ask patrons about donating plants through mailchimp with a save the date and flyers
  • 4/19-4/25 National Library week
  • 20th year anniversary of NTL to be celebrated at Harvest Festival. Tammy will be on the committee
  • Ideas to boost membership: Make use of voting days, next voting day is May 12th. Plans to create a membership tree in the library
  • Raffles: Maureen continues to receive raffle items for plant sale
  • Facebook we have 244 followers and Instagram is now active and linked with our facebook page
  • Continue to update Friends website with plant sale, programs and museum passes

IV. Treasurer

  • Library is on track even with additional expenses
  • Fundraiser idea “Standing Tall”, Pam will look into what day/night will work best during the month of April

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