October FONTL Meeting Notes

Last night we held our monthly meeting. Below are the notes:


    • BOOK SALE: $709.50 GRAND TOTAL profit after expenses. We also had two new members sign up. Great job, everyone!

    • Book sale Postmortem: We discussed how to improve upon the book sale next year. Ideas included, holding the sale for two days instead of one, having the room available for set up earlier than the day before, aggressively solicit volunteers, set up the sale more like a book sale (with “staff picks” etc), bring in high school musicians to play during the sale, have a “buy a bag” (like the Amesbury book sale), move the sale earlier in the month (and not on a holiday), etc.

      • MARK YOUR CALENDARS: May 17th 2014 is the date

      • We will begin soliciting donations from garden centers in February

    • Other fundraising ideas: We are in the process of fleshing out several exciting fundraising ideas. We will create a poll to share with Friends’ members and library patrons to gauge interest.


    • Status of renewals. Several of our October renewals have yet renew. They will be moved to inactive on the list as of November 1st.

  • Upcoming Meetings:

    • Endowment Subcommittee next meeting: November 2nd, 10AM
    • Next FONTL meeting: November 21st, 6:30PM

    In a final note: our beloved Secretary, Renee Toth, needs to free up some time in her hectic schedule. As such, while she will remain active with the Friends, we are actively seeking a replacement for her on the board. If you are interested or know anyone who is, please send us an email.

Monthly Meeting Notes — September 2013

Last night, we held our monthly meeting. Below are the notes from the meeting:


  • The October 12th Book and Bake wale plans are moving forward. We have had a good number of volunteers sign up but can always use more. We have begun to submit publicity to the Daily news and other outlets. Will also submit the information to the schools and create a flier. The youth librarian has organized Autumn Jamboree for children at the same time. This should be a great draw for families. Donations of books begin the week of October 7th and donations of baked goods begin on October 11th.
  • Dick Ravin visited us with a unique and intriguing fundraising idea. The idea will be explored along with spin off ideas of lectures and readings.


  • Emails and mail were sent out to people needing renewals; around 25 have renewed. Renewals will be rolling throughout the year. We will continue to reach out to those who have yet to renew.
  • We have over 100 members.
  • We’ve received mostly positive feedback about the library passes for Friends members.


  • The status of accounts was read.
  • A discussion was had about providing gifts for regular volunteers.
  • We discussed record keeping.



  • We continued to discuss the endowment fund formation.
  • A subcommittee is presently being formed and will meet and operate separately from the friends.


  • We set the date for the Annual Cookie Swap: December 19th, 2013. More information will be provided as the date approaches.
  • Our next meeting is October 23rd at 6:30PM at the library.

Monthly Meeting Notes — August 2013

 We held the Friends of the Newbury Town Library Monthly meeting on August 14th. Following are some of the items and outcomes discussed by those on attendance:

  • We are moving forward in the planning for the Annual Book & Bake Sale. The sale will take place on Saturday, October 12th from 10AM-2PM. Donations of books will begin at some point within 1-2 weeks prior to the sale  (exact date and time TBA). Baked good donations will be accepted beginning on October 11th. We will begin publicizing the event in September. VOLUNTEERS for setting up and running the sale are needed (please note that this is a great opportunity for high school students to get volunteer credit). Please contact us if you are available to volunteer: friendsofnewburytownlibrary@gmail.com
  • We will be sponsoring the Holiday Cookie Swap at some point in December.
  • We are in the process of investigating a possible winter fundraiser. More information as it becomes available.
  • We will be holding both the The Annual Plant & Bake Sale and a new Community Yard Sale in the Spring. Dates will be announced as they become available.
  • We are up to 95 members and growing. We are working on streamlining our process for membership renewal.
  • Beginning in September 2013, the use of museum passes will be dependent on whether or not the library card holder is also a friends of the library member.
  • In addition to the current passes (which will be renewed as need be), we voted to add a New England Aquarium museum pass. The pass will run September-June (they do not allow passes in the summer months).
  • We will consider adding new passes on a rolling basis as we review funds and need.
  • The new library web site will be up and viewable within the next couple of weeks.
  • Amy Sadkin gave a presentation on how the library is funded and what the money is used for.
  • The exploration of a library endowment is moving forward. An endowment committee is being created.

Next monthly meetings will be Sept 18, Oct 23, Nov 21, Dec 18, all at 6:30 pm. All are welcome to attend.

Monthly Update

I’m writing to give you a few important updates. Last week, we (along with the trustees and Amy Sadkin) met with a consultant to learn about how she set up an endowment for her town’s library.  It was an informative meeting and we look forward to learning more in the coming months.

We are taking the month of July off from meeting.

We will meet again on August 14th at 6PM at the library. All are welcome to attend.

Though it seems a long way off, I wanted to let you know that our annual book sale is scheduled for October 12th from 10AM-2PM.

In other news, our membership is growing! Currently, we have 84 members on the list. Wouldn’t it be great if we had 100 (or more!) by the end of the year? With that said, I hope you’ll consider passing on this link to our web site and encouraging your friends to join: https://fontl.wordpress.com/membership-form-join-now/

Remember: you don’t have to live in the town of Newbury to be a member! Lots of folks from surrounding towns use our library because it is such a wonderful community center and offers such great programs. Speaking of programs: please mark your calendars for June 21st at 2:30PM for the Summer Reading Kickoff, featuring children’s author, Jef Czekaj.

Thank you and enjoy your summer!

News from the April Friend’s Meeting

In this post you will find highlights from our April Monthly Meeting.

Please join me in welcoming our new board members who were all in attendance at our meeting yesterday: Julie Maneikis, Membership Director; Renee Toth, Secretary; Jennifer Myette, Treasurer

We were excited to learn that the Origami workshop was attended by 75 people and that Miss Olivia’s Do Drop Ins continue to be at full capacity. What an exciting time for the library! As a friends organization we are thrilled to raise funds to support these wonderful programs!

In other news…

We will have a membership drive presence at the PTA Casino night at the library on May 10th.

We are also extremely excited about the Library Lantern Festival on May 11th and will be there with our table. Please stop by, say hi, and learn more about what we do as an organization.

Our Plant and Bake Sale fundraiser is on track for May 18th, 10AM-2PM. We are actively seeking donations of plants, baked goods, and empty garden pots.

If you have pots to donate: please  kindly leave your pots in the lobby of the library.

If you are able to volunteer that day or have questions about donating plants, pots, or baked goods, please email us.

We will be accepting plant and baked good donations at the library on the following days and times:

Friday, May 17th from 1-5PM

Saturday, May 18th from 9AM-10AM

Our youth services librarian, Olivia Gatti, have provided us with a wish list of supplies. If you are able to donate any of these items, please let her know by sending her an email:

  • Clorox Wipes
  • glue
  • beads and buttons
  • feathers
  • stickers
  • markers
  • paints
  • plastic storage bins for craft supplies
  • dress-up clothing
  • lightly used ride-on toys
  • playhouse/kitchen
  • play tunnels
  • sensory table
  • paper towel rolls
  • plastic soda and water bottles
  • tissues

Finally, we have made a change to the date of our May meeting. We will be meeting on May 15th at 6PM at the library. Please do join us!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read our updates. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events!

News for the March Friends Meeting

We had an extremely productive monthly meeting yesterday. In this email, I’m going to provide you with information about upcoming events and opportunities for volunteers:

* First and foremost, we had the sad news that our beloved and hard-working treasurer, Vickie Ramos-Glew, is moving out of the area with her family. As such, she will be leaving her post as treasurer in June. We will miss her and are grateful for the work she has done. Since her post will be vacant, we are actively seeking a new treasurer. If you are interested in the position of treasurer (or any other position: Membership Director, Secretary, Vice President), please send us an email.

* The library has a wonderful list of events upcoming from spring, including the LANTERN PARADE on May 11th. If you are able to volunteer at the lantern parade, please contact Olivia Gatti at the library

* For more info on upcoming events, click here.

* Our annual plant sale/bake sale fundraiser is MAY 18th, from 10AM-2PM: we are seeking volunteers and donations of plants and individually wrapped baked goods. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, please send us an email.

* For more information on the bake sale, please follow this link (and feel free to send the link to your friends).

* Mark your calendars: our annual BOOK SALE will be October 12th 10-2pm