Meeting Minutes Jan. 11, 2018

Friends of Newbury Town Library Meeting Minutes of 1/11/18.

Attendees:  Maureen Haley, Pam Kinney, Tammy Cotter,  Erin Tuomi, Joan Friedman, Katelyn White, Jean Ackerly, Julie Maneikis.

Maureen, Pres.: Sent a thank you letter to Donna Seim for her $500 donation for using the Community Room.  Facebook progress!  Welcome letter sent to 4 new households.  Will combine future welcome efforts with NTL’s efforts and Erin will coordinate with her.  Asked Cheryl McCarthy (Newbury Garden Club) to participate in our the Spring Plant Sale and she accepted, Maureen to set up a meeting between the Board and Cheryl to discuss details.  Canceled liability insurance and refund of approx. $300 will be received.

Jean, NTL Director: Jean shared Adult Library Budget through March and has spent her budgeted amount. All agreed if she needs more funds we can discuss.  Maureen asked her to submit a Wish List that the Friends will consider.  The NTL website is to be updated and the could cost between ten and fifteen thousand, but NTL  is looking at a project closer to six or seven thousand.  The Historical Commission is working with NTL on a grant to organize the Local History Room. The Trustees are working on quotes to add heat to several rooms in the building.  Programs coming up:   1/13 GMO lecture 1/18 Chair massages, 1/20  7 Steps to Getting  Organized, 1/23 The Essentials of Essential Oils, 1/27  Knock On Wood (acoustic duo), 1/30  Smartphone Photography, 3 sessions, February  2/6 Smartphone Photography Session 2, 2/10 Poetry Reading with Poet/Author Nancy Esposito, 2/13 Smartphone Photography Session 3, 2/20 Performance – Albert Einstein – Relatively Speaking, 2/24 Multimedia Presentation – World War II: 20th Century Hollywood in War-Time America.  Planning for March: Internet Safety, Brainstorming (mentalist), Irish Performance, Watercolor for Beginners by Donna Callahan, “Writing Mothers” – a local writer leads young mothers’ writing group in 3 weekly sessions.

Tammy, V. Pres.:  Will draft February Newsletter to highlight Events planned for the future, see below.  Membership is in good shape and may do a ‘mass mailing’ soon. Contacted a leader for the “Make It & Take It” craft night and Board agreed on details.  (See below).  Reports that the books being removed from NTL shelves are being utilized in the Book Sale Room.


Pam, Treasurer:  Created a one-page tri-fold version of the Member/Renewal Form and offered to print them at home.  She suggested that the Friends offer an Annual Scholarship (the Ipswich Library offers one), but Maureen advised that the Bylaws and Memorandum of Understanding between the library and the Friends state that all profit raised are for library funding.  Jean will look over the documentation and discuss with the Trustees.  Friends Budget: Spent $5000 but brought in $6000 FY2017/18 so far.  Budget Expenses dropped $1000 because of removing Liab. Ins. and adding in $200 for Youth Expenses.  Balance $10,700 as of today, with $9,400 being from  Membership, Donations, Merchandise & Books – at that rate we don’t have to rely heavily on big events.  Since July, flags & hats raised $800 but cost $793.  Donations are at $2100.  

Katelyn, Youth Librarian:  Minecraft Madness costs $500+ (she budgeted $600 for it already) and will be held on  February 22 and she is expecting a large group.   She’ll find out about payment and let us know.  She’s going to have her teen volunteers join in the Minecraft session to help out.  “Read and Bead” is Summer Reading Program title and she will be giving out special beading items and no raffle prizes or other prizes.  She is within her budget. Reported Petty cash is low and will put a notice on the envelope to let others know when the amount is $20. or less so that Pam can be notified.  Will ask Alysa (Yoga instructor for Mom & Baby Program)to come once a month this summer, Cost is $50 per session but since at least 40 people show up, so she’s willing to pay $75 per session to Alysa.  Katelyn will be attending NES Summer Camp Event in early March to promote Children’s Programs.

Plans for Fundraising Events: 

February:  “MAKE & TAKE CRAFT NIGHT”.  (Date & Time TBD).  Tammy has found a leader for the Make and Take Craft night – Tracey Smith – who offers her time and materials to make a plaque from reclaimed wood in a 2-hour workshop at $35/pp.  Her cost will be 7-10/pp but she will not take a profit. The Friends will have a signup for 20 people max. and a minimum of 8 people.  Erin will set up Maureen with the Registration software. 

April:  “YARD SALE”.  To be held at NTL  Sat. Apr 21 8:00-12, to correspond with “Earth Day”, charge to rent 1 table (‘spot’) $25, with the first 2 people signing up being offered 2 ‘spots’.  To be held in Community Room. The first 2 people who sign up have the 8′ tables, the others are 6′.  A few of us have tables to loan if needed. We will offer that people can pay $10 on the spot that day and bring their own blanket or table for outside space.  Stipulations:  Remove leftovers and no large items are to be brought in.

May: “SPRING PLANT SALE”.  To be held Sat. May 12th  (the day before Mother’s Day) 8:30 – 12:30.    Katelyn will book a “Dads and Donuts” for the same time to bring in more people.  Tammy will check baseball schedule, starts on April school vacation.  Maureen confirmed that she will work on a Raffle and Pam will provide plants – we may not ask florists and garden centers to donate plants as last years were of poor quality.


Friends Board meeting Thurs. Feb. 1, 12:15 at NTL.

February –  Make & Take Craft Night.  Details will be published this week. 

 April“Yard Sale”.  Details to be published soon. 

 May –  “Spring Plant Sale” May 12, Sat. at NTL, 8:30-12:30.



Meeting Minutes Dec. 2017

Friends of Newbury Town Library Meeting Minutes December 7, 2017

 Attendees:  Maureen Haley, Erin Tuomi, Joan Friedman, Tammy Cotter, Patty Olson, Jean Ackerly, Pam Kinney, Julie Maneikis and Katelyn White.

Maureen, Pres.:

*The Federal Gov’t. approved funding of Museum and Library funding for new Budget.  The Senate is hoping to increase funding by $4 million.  Also, State funding for library technology and resource sharing is down 53% from FY2001).  Shared a hand-out with facts & figures.

*Results of MFOL, ( MA Friends of Libraries,, survey indicates that our Board is in-line with others in MA regarding number of # members, membership annual dues, media exposure/advertising, etc.

*Feels liability insurance coverage may not be necessary for the cost ($1,200)  vs the low risk. She will research, ask the Trustees for input and ask other Friend Boards if they have coverage and at what cost.  Jean Ackerly will put out a request for other library directors to share what their Friend Boards pay (if any).  To be voted/discussed at next meeting.

*Contacted 6 businesses asking if they’re interested in the Friends picking up old/used ink & toner cartridges to be recycled.  (“Recycling Evolve” is the company we use and they pay us a small amount for each one we send to them.)  None of them were interested as most use wireless means and print very little.  Both the library and the Town do not use the cartridges that are accepted by “Recycling Evolve”.  Since there are no shipping charges, we will leave the collection bin for patrons donations and continue to advertise.

Tammy, Vice Pres.:

*Ordered “Newbury” hats for sale in Book Sale Room.  Still receiving survey results for either a craft fair, yard sale or “Make It and Take It” night to be held as a fundraiser in February.  To be discussed at next meeting.

*Memberships are at 80 and mailed 25 renewal forms, hopefully many will come back.

*Books that haven’t been checked out in 10 years are being removed from shelves and per NTL  we can sell them in the Book Sale Room.  There was discussion about a possible Book Sale in the future, maybe “Summer Reads”.

Pam, Treasurer:

*At this point, Income is higher than Expenses, the remaining budget for Youth Programs is almost $3k and about $2k for Adult Programs.  Donations so far this year is about $1400.  “Newbury” hats and boat  flags are staying even so what is sold going forward will be profit.  Current amount raised from events is $1,091 and Membership Dues $750.

*Will be designing a new Membership Form that will be a 3-fold with our mailing address on it for convenience.

*Confirmed that shoppers using AmazonSmile with the Friends named as their charity, results in $5.00  donation to us per $1,000.00 purchases and she is very pleased with the results.

Patty, Secretary:

Shared that she will not be attending meetings while doing her Internship for Special Ed Teacher but will stay involved via meeting minutes, etc.  Thank you Patty for taking such detailed minutes for us and we look forward to seeing you in the spring!  Julie Maneikis, former Board Member, volunteered to replace Patty in the interim – thank you Julie!

Joan, Project Ass’t.

*Shared that she will be away until April but will stay involved via meeting minutes, etc.  Thank you Joan for all you’ve done and we look forward to seeing you in the spring!

Jean, NTL Director:

*Many programs coming up in 2017.  A few are: Art exhibit in January, “Einstein” is in Feb, “Genetic Food, 7 Ways to Get Organized, Essentials of Essential Oil, Acoustic Concert and Smart Phone Photography (3 part series).  During March and April, Donna Callahan, water color painter, will teach a class and we will have a Mentalist.

*Had a meeting with the Town and was able to decipher the availability of funds in the“Gift and Memorial Fund” to NTL.

*Per our last meeting, Erin designed the Volunteer Recruitment bookmark, the cost for 200 is  $115.79 and the program starts in January.  The Board approved the design and voted in favor of using Friends funds to pay for them.

Katelyn White, Youth Librarian:

*Did not receive the Newbury Cultural Society Grant for the Youth Services Programs.

Erin, Assistant Director:

*Suggested an idea for a future fundraiser could be a Pie Auction before the holidays.


Next meeting is Thurs; January 4th at 12:15








Survey Says…………..


              Survey Says. . . .

We are always in search of new and exciting fundraisers to support our library’s programs and resources.

We need your input!

  • Are you a crafter/artisan seeking to rent space to sell your work at a craft fair in the library? Possibly February or March?

  • Spring cleaning? Are you interested in renting space for an indoor/outdoor yard sale at the library?

  • Would you attend a Make-It and Take-It craft night?

If interested, please contact us at or leave a message for us at the front desk.

2017 Nov. 2, Meeting Minutes

Friends of Newbury Town Library                                                     Meeting Minutes  Nov. 2, 2017

Attendees:  Maureen Haley, Tammy Cotter, Pam Myers-Kinney, Joan Friedman, Jean Ackerly, Erin Tuomi and Katelyn White.

Maureen, President:  Cross-training for Board Member duties, (website management, Facebook posting, Membership procedure and basic Finance) was voted in favor of.  Pam suggested Joan take on the role of backup; but the Board agreed all members should cross-train.  As of now, Tammy and Joan are interested in learning website management, Maureen is interested in learning Membership procedures.  Training dates to be determined.  Using Dewey Decimal system for shelving non-fiction books was voted against and books will be shelved according to posted categories.

Tammy, Vice President:  Will follow up with Friends Member, Teri Hughes, who expressed interest in helping the Friends.  She did not respond to an earlier email.  Another Friends Member suggested we have a ‘crafts show’ fundraiser where patrons rent tables for like $25; the Board discussed other ideas as well, such as a yard sale, silent auction, make a fairy garden with Kathy Dunfee, make a seascape with Pam, etc.  Jean said high end artists could give a portion of their profit. The Board voted to have Joan design a flyer, with Board input, to send/post to solicit ahead of time to seek people interested and then keep name/# for when we have a date.  Board discussed the Cookie Swap that had been done in the past,   Renee Toth ran it and Jean mentioned Eileen Schaeffer participated also. Tammy will contact both for interest in organizing another.  Board will decide if we want to pursue this and when.

Pam, Treasurer:  Friends income is keeping pace with expenses, about $3300.  The most cost is Museums passes in the spring. In past, HR Block prepared our income taxes for $215; but has found out if income is under $50K per year as a non profit, all that is required is an e-card and payment of $15.00.  Need to order more hats, sold 7 since 7/1.    Membership on pace at $600 to date, donations are at $1100 and books are selling well.  Had conservative estimate of $4000 income from events but did not reach it with Harvest Festival and Plant Sale, suggests we really could use more income from events.

Joan, Project Assistant:  Definitely interested in cross-training on Website management.  Will initiate creating a flyer to send to patrons in order to find out how much interest there is in a craft sale/yard sale/craft night as a Friends Fundraiser.  Board to work on flyer together.

Jean, Library Director:  Planning programs for January through April and will have details at December meeting.  Town now allows Newbury Veterans to volunteer and earn the Real Estate Credit.  Friends can also utilize them for the Book Sale Room or other.

Erin, Asst. Library Director:  NTL is having a volunteer drive in Jan./Feb. and offered the Friends to join in.  Maureen to write a note for them to include saying that we will be seeking a Marketing/Events person in the future.  Bookmarks have incorrect hours since town increase so  Erin is seeking $115 from the Friends in order to purchase 200 new ones from Minuteman Press.   Maureen suggested seeking funds from Newburyport 5 as we did last time but Jean said they are already going to solicit them for something else.  Pam feels we could pick up the cost as we’re saving money this year on taxes by doing them ourselves instead of paying H&R Block to do them.  Board voted and approved expenditure.  Next week is the Artists Reception and this weekend is the “Coffee Cupping” program.  If the Friends know anyone willing to donate baked goods for us to sell we could make some money.  The Board will discuss.  The first virtual “Book Spark” will be on Facebook and NTL’s website.  Jean will be talking about books with a video running in the background.  Library is open Friday after Thanksgiving regular hours.

Katelyn, Youth Librarian:  Applied for 3 grants but is unsure if she’ll receive them and is seeking $200. to reimburse in case grant does not come through.  Funds would pay for a Yoga teacher for 4 Baby Programs in Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr.  The Board agreed to provide the funds. A grant was received for Sprouting Melody program, $290.  Petty cash is low and Pam will take care of it.






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