Books & Merchandise

The Friends Book Sale Room is open during NTL hours.

Shop ours because:  Low prices and very gently used items.  The hardcover and paperback fiction books are shelved by author’s last name.   Hardcover and paperback non-fiction books are shelved by category.  All  Youth & Children’s books are at the entranceway.

We also sell:  Audio books, music, movies, custom-made Newbury caps and boat flags (in 3 sizes), bumper stickers, local artwork and thumb drives ($4.00 ea).  Please see pictures below.

NEW!  We also sell maroon canvas, sturdy and attractive Book Bags with the Friends title on the front!  $12.00 ea at the Circulation Desk.  

Samples of NEWBURY MERCHANDISE  are displayed in the Book Sale Room.  Items are sold at the Circulation Desk, see pictures below:

*  Newbury Hats: $20*

Newbury Boat Flags:  Small (12″ x 18″) $35 – Medium (2′ x 3′) $50 – Large (3′ x 5′) $65.

*  ♥NTL bumper stickers $2.

*  Prints of historical buildings range in price for matted, framed etc.


Please use the small plastic bags provided for your purchases of books, CDs and DVDs.  Prices are posted.


Donations:   Please limit books to “almost new” condition with no visible mold, no odors, no coffee table books, textbooks, magazines or VHS tapes.



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