Books & Merchandise

Hours are the same as the library – Sun. & Mon. closed,  Tue. & Thurs. 10-7, Wed. & Fri. 10-5 and Sat. 10-2 (Sept. thru May).

Fiction books are shelved by author’s last name, Non-Fiction books are by subject and Youth’s & Children’s are at the doorway.

Please use the small plastic bags provided to fill with books, CDs and DVDs.  Prices are posted.

Donations: Please limit books to “almost new” condition with no visible mold, no odors, no coffee table books, textbooks, magazines and VHS tapes.

Samples of NEWBURY MERCHANDISE  are displayed in the Book Sale Room.  Items are sold at the Circulation Desk:

*  Newbury Hats: $20

*  Newbury Boat Flags:

Small (12″ x 18″) $35
Medium (2′ x 3′) $50
Large (3′ x 5′) $65.

*  ♥NTL bumper stickers cost $2. and available at the Circulation Desk.

*  Prints of historical buildings range in price.



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