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February 2018 Meeting Minutes

Friends Meeting Thursday, Feb 1, 2018

Attendees:  Tammy Cotter, Pam Kinney, Katelyn White, Julie Maneikis, Jean Ackerly

Pres. Maureen, away on vacation.  Suggested talking points:  

  • Spring Plant Sale –  Raffle update:  Donations received so far: 10 tix to the Screening Room, 2 passes for Muse Paintbar.  14 ‘ask’ letters were sent Saturday.
  • There are 3 Friends-Sponsored Programs scheduled during my vacation if any Board Member would like to attend in my place.  

It was suggested The Friends should at least plan to have donation jar out for Einstein program.

Vice Pres; Tammy:  Membership:  currently at 84.  Evolve….not being utilized.  Continue one more month, then terminate.  Book sales, going well. Upcoming Programs – Yard Sale April 21 Saturday 8am – 12noon.  Make It & Take It Craft Night Tues Feb 27 from 6:30-8:30.  Those programs will be advertised to Nbpt Mothers Club and Chamber of Commerce.  Need to be sure we do reminders on Facebook.  Mailchimp links to Facebook (but does not send reminders!).  Ask Maureen to do reminders on Facebook.  Newspaper – cheap seats events appear in paper on Thursdays!) – listing events here will help increase attendance!  Also, advertise on Town Common (paper out of Rowley).  Erin mentioned that we should advertise that this is a shopping opportunity – for yard sale goers!    In back classified section of newspaper, perhaps advertise?  Also, list yard sale on Craig’s List.  Katelyn suggested putting hot titles out for Yard Sale event! Friends rec’d a generous donation from Vincent Russo…$1073.08!  Friends and NTL both sent a thank you letter to him.

Treasurer, Pam:  Original Friends budget was $12,900.  Pam bumped up petty cash to $400.  Dropped the $1200 insurance cost.  Still hoping to get $300 back from insurance co.  We’ve spent about half of our budget at this point, in good shape.  Money coming in….with the donation and other savings, we’re ahead of our spending.  Should be bringing in $7400, spent about $6K so far.  W/o counting our big donation…we should get about $4K additional.  Hats – We’ve passed the break even point.  We’ve spent about $800 our of our projected spending of $1200.  Donations are up.  Books and art – sales going well.  Run rate of about $1400/year.  Just looking at membership, donations, book sales and hats….run rate of $9000 for 2018!  Wow!

Library Director, Jean:  Jean spoke with Town accountant regarding petty cash.  In the interest of tracking and transparency, it was decided that the petty cash be handled by The Friends.  The Friends (Pam) will take over and jazz up the jar and track that money.  ‘Conscious pig’ is available too which kids may like to put money in.   Going forward Pam will reimburse Jean w/a check in lieu of using the cash from the jar when Jean needs to buy coffee/donuts, etc for monthly staff meetings.  Weather program:  Expecting good attendance.   $311 is cost.  Can Friends pay for this in May? Friends voted yes to increase Jean’s budget by another $600 to $3600 to cover this program as well as another program previously agreed to and voted on in last meeting.  She has many other upcoming programs on the calendar for Feb and March.  Maybe post/advertise at Brooksby encouraging people to get on our email list.  Also, can we post at Caldwell Farm, Oak Ridge, Quaker Hill, Rolf’s Lane, Senior Center in NBPT?  Jean suggested trying to get the Nbpt senior center Director on our email list.  

Youth Librarian, Katelyn:  Expects $350 in grant money. (Pam does not think we got the Newbury Cultural grant money last year ($290).  She got $100 from the Georgetown cultural grant to pay for the Minecraft server.  Got $250 for Minecraft Madness.  If she has more money left, she may be able to do an April vacation program.  Read and Bead Program:  she made examples to bring to the Summer Camp Fair at NES.


Next meeting:  Thurs, March 1st at 12:15 at NTL.

Events:   Feb. 27 Tuesday 6:30-8:30         Craft Night

Apr. 21    Saturday 8am – 12 noon   Yard Sale

May 12   Saturday 8am -12            Annual Plant Sale


Meeting Minutes Dec. 2017

Friends of Newbury Town Library Meeting Minutes December 7, 2017

 Attendees:  Maureen Haley, Erin Tuomi, Joan Friedman, Tammy Cotter, Patty Olson, Jean Ackerly, Pam Kinney, Julie Maneikis and Katelyn White.

Maureen, Pres.:

*The Federal Gov’t. approved funding of Museum and Library funding for new Budget.  The Senate is hoping to increase funding by $4 million.  Also, State funding for library technology and resource sharing is down 53% from FY2001).  Shared a hand-out with facts & figures.

*Results of MFOL, ( MA Friends of Libraries,, survey indicates that our Board is in-line with others in MA regarding number of # members, membership annual dues, media exposure/advertising, etc.

*Feels liability insurance coverage may not be necessary for the cost ($1,200)  vs the low risk. She will research, ask the Trustees for input and ask other Friend Boards if they have coverage and at what cost.  Jean Ackerly will put out a request for other library directors to share what their Friend Boards pay (if any).  To be voted/discussed at next meeting.

*Contacted 6 businesses asking if they’re interested in the Friends picking up old/used ink & toner cartridges to be recycled.  (“Recycling Evolve” is the company we use and they pay us a small amount for each one we send to them.)  None of them were interested as most use wireless means and print very little.  Both the library and the Town do not use the cartridges that are accepted by “Recycling Evolve”.  Since there are no shipping charges, we will leave the collection bin for patrons donations and continue to advertise.

Tammy, Vice Pres.:

*Ordered “Newbury” hats for sale in Book Sale Room.  Still receiving survey results for either a craft fair, yard sale or “Make It and Take It” night to be held as a fundraiser in February.  To be discussed at next meeting.

*Memberships are at 80 and mailed 25 renewal forms, hopefully many will come back.

*Books that haven’t been checked out in 10 years are being removed from shelves and per NTL  we can sell them in the Book Sale Room.  There was discussion about a possible Book Sale in the future, maybe “Summer Reads”.

Pam, Treasurer:

*At this point, Income is higher than Expenses, the remaining budget for Youth Programs is almost $3k and about $2k for Adult Programs.  Donations so far this year is about $1400.  “Newbury” hats and boat  flags are staying even so what is sold going forward will be profit.  Current amount raised from events is $1,091 and Membership Dues $750.

*Will be designing a new Membership Form that will be a 3-fold with our mailing address on it for convenience.

*Confirmed that shoppers using AmazonSmile with the Friends named as their charity, results in $5.00  donation to us per $1,000.00 purchases and she is very pleased with the results.

Patty, Secretary:

Shared that she will not be attending meetings while doing her Internship for Special Ed Teacher but will stay involved via meeting minutes, etc.  Thank you Patty for taking such detailed minutes for us and we look forward to seeing you in the spring!  Julie Maneikis, former Board Member, volunteered to replace Patty in the interim – thank you Julie!

Joan, Project Ass’t.

*Shared that she will be away until April but will stay involved via meeting minutes, etc.  Thank you Joan for all you’ve done and we look forward to seeing you in the spring!

Jean, NTL Director:

*Many programs coming up in 2017.  A few are: Art exhibit in January, “Einstein” is in Feb, “Genetic Food, 7 Ways to Get Organized, Essentials of Essential Oil, Acoustic Concert and Smart Phone Photography (3 part series).  During March and April, Donna Callahan, water color painter, will teach a class and we will have a Mentalist.

*Had a meeting with the Town and was able to decipher the availability of funds in the“Gift and Memorial Fund” to NTL.

*Per our last meeting, Erin designed the Volunteer Recruitment bookmark, the cost for 200 is  $115.79 and the program starts in January.  The Board approved the design and voted in favor of using Friends funds to pay for them.

Katelyn White, Youth Librarian:

*Did not receive the Newbury Cultural Society Grant for the Youth Services Programs.

Erin, Assistant Director:

*Suggested an idea for a future fundraiser could be a Pie Auction before the holidays.


Next meeting is Thurs; January 4th at 12:15








Survey Says…………..


              Survey Says. . . .

We are always in search of new and exciting fundraisers to support our library’s programs and resources.

We need your input!

  • Are you a crafter/artisan seeking to rent space to sell your work at a craft fair in the library? Possibly February or March?

  • Spring cleaning? Are you interested in renting space for an indoor/outdoor yard sale at the library?

  • Would you attend a Make-It and Take-It craft night?

If interested, please contact us at or leave a message for us at the front desk.