April 4, 2019 Meeting Minutes

2019 April 4 Friends Meeting Minutes       

Attendees:  Maureen, Tammy, Pam, Linda, Patty and Jean.

Maureen, Pres:  Sent 50 Ask letters for Raffle donations and has secured: The Red Sox will send an autographed item, 4 Blue Man Group tickets, $60 Gift Card for Nathaniel’s Restaurant at the Hawthorne Hotel and 4 tickets to the North Shore Music Theatre so far.  The old books we have in the book sale room were determined to be of no value by a local dealer/appraiser.

Tammy, VP:   Reported that a minimum of 10 sign-ups are needed to move forward with the Yard Sale.  Registration deadline is April 13 and as of today we have had 3 people inquire and 1 definite.  We need to promote it more and Patty will ask if she could put a flyer at the dump.  Linda suggested (and we all agreed, and approved by Jean) that if we want to set up a table after the seeds are gone and put out a donation jar to pay for the items, that may be a way to make money instead of bringing all our stuff to Leward Light.   Tammy invited a new volunteer, Judi Dettorre, to the May meeting.  She passed out a handout from Kati detailing the month’s youth programs.  It was agreed that it was time to begin promoting the Plant Sale and Tammy will ask Joan about the flyer.

Pam, Treasurer:​  She explained the current system of the Friends Fiscal Year Budget and the proposed changes.  The Fiscal year begins July 1 and money is increasing while effort is decreasing. We have about $10,000  in the bank account that is not ear-marked as of today. She projected that we will bring in $13,000.00 this year. She proposed a new finance system to to have a minimum of $5,000.00 in the account at the end of each Fiscal year and to add a new line item for library miscellaneous.  The Board voted in favor. Kati, Youth Librarian, has not spent all of her budget as of yet. Pam’s sister, Dianne, would like to volunteer at the Harvest Fest and the Board set a date of Oct. 19th for it to be held.

Other:  We discussed signs to use for future Yard & Plant Sales.  (To note: the Byfield Little League will be on the NTL fields the day after the Yard Sale.)

Jean, Library Director:  Mentioned that Erin suggested having a pie auction as part of the next Harvest Festival and the Board agreed.  The Friends approved paying $1,300.00 for a new sign at the library per Jean’s request. Museum passes: Newbury Cultural Council grant of $400.00 will pay for the PEM discount passes and the Georgetown Cultural Council grant of $400.00 will pay for the Aquarium discount passes.

Calendar:     It was determined that the Fiscal Year Meeting will be held on June 11 @ 12:30, a Tuesday.

April 17, Wed; 6-7 pm; Author visit, Andrew Forsthoefel, “Walking  to Listen”, Patty & Linda will speak.

April 27,  Sat; 8am-noon, Yard Sale.

May 2, Thurs; 12:15, Friends Meeting.

May 2, Thurs; 6-7pm, “Bring Your Ancestors to Life”, Pam will speak.

Oct. 19, Harvest Fest.