2019 Feb. 7 Meeting Minutes

2019 February 7 Friends Meeting Minutes  Page 1 of 2

Please see important note at the end of this posting.

Attendees:  Maureen, Tammy, Pam, Joan, Linda, Katie, Erin and Jean.

Maureen, Pres:   Opened discussion of nominating Linda Rivera as Secretary, she accepted and Board voted in agreement.  Also, Patty Olson will return to Board as Planning Assistant. Thanked Tammy, Joan and Erin for creating the Winter Newsletter and the flyers for the Felting Workshop and the Yard Sale.  The Felting Workshop info has been submitted to the newspaper. I finally have the name of a book appraiser, Bobby from Salt Marsh Antiques in Rowley and will contact him tomorrow. Will draft a summary of brochure info on “What the Friends Do” for NTL newsletters.

Tammy, Vice Pres.:   Provided update of payments/registrations for the Felting Workshop Fundraiser.  Discussed marketing for Membership Drive (March?) using the info off the brochures (ad in paper, flyers for events, etc). She will talk with Katie about adding info on Membership for the Friends on her Newsletter after Maureen submits her draft for approval to the Board.  She will also post flyers for Felting Workshop at Town Hall.

Pam, Treasurer:  Financials report we are ahead of expectations for the year.  We discussed selling magazines in the Book Sale Room as Katie suggested.  Tammy will work with Jean organizing them. Pam will speak again at the March Writer’s Workshop.  She ordered more hats as supply is low. The Board voted in favor of allowing the current Friends funds to be used by the library for needs/wants and in future years as well.  A cap is to be determined allowing for a small cushion amount.

Jean, Library Director – The Writing Workshop will continue in the spring and fall.  She is below budgeted amount. She proposed the Friends cover the movie license next year.  NTL was awarded $400 from the Georgetown Cultural Council to be used to purchase the Peabody Essex Museum passes.

Kate, Youth Librarian – Feb 21st is the Rolie Polie Guacamole Program.  The Baby Yoga Program had 25 attendees at the 1st session.  April vacation: “Soothe Yourself Into Spring” for 8+, making bath bombs, etc.  She Is also looking for ways to draw boys into programs. Her volunteers are leaving and the Friends  volunteered to get them a gift of some sort.  She has a new display of “Hot Titles” books.  A Friends Board Member will attend the “Baby Yoga” and the “Rolie Polie Guacamole” programs.


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Erin, Assistant Director, asked which events the Friends pay for and she will add it to the monthly Events calendar.

Yard Sale plans to date:  (2 more Friends meetings before event).  Suggestions to have 2 different flyers, one for advertising tables and one for advertising the yard sale.  Tammy, Erin and Joan will work together to work on flyers. Details: Apr. 27, Sat. 8am – noon, inside only, possibly use covered area at front door and inside the library.  Media and raffle – Maureen. Track payments and registrations – Tammy. Create, order and post signs – Pam. Create Friends name tags, flyer, etc. as needed – Joan. Send a Mailchimp reminder – Tammy and Joan.  All to provide the baked goods and someone to be a ‘greeter’. Deadline to register is April 13. Review Summary of last year’s Yard Sale – included.


Feb. 9 Saturday, 11am-noon, Thomas Jefferson, Foodie.  (Speaker-Joan)

Feb. 21 Thursday, 10:30-11:30am,  Rolie Polie Guacamole. (Speaker?)

and 6 – 7:30pm  Felting Workshop Fundraiser.

Feb. 28 Thursday, 10:15 – 11am.  Adult & Baby Yoga (Speaker?)

March 2 Saturday, 11am – noon,   Winter Blahs. (Speaker?)

March 7 Thursday,  Friends Meeting.

March 23 Saturday, 11am – noon Louise Miller? (Speaker?)

April 4 Thursday,  Friends Meeting.

(Possibly April 17, Tuesday, “Walking To Listen” Andrew Forsthoefel). (Speaker?)

April 27 Saturday, 8am-noon,  Community Yard Sale Fundraiser.

It was decided after the meeting that a vote will be required on specifics for the budget suggestion.  TBD.  Also, a deadline of Feb. 16 was announced for the Felting Workshop registration.