2017 Oct. 5 Meeting Minutes

Friends of Newbury Town Library Meeting Minutes October 5, 2017

Attendees:  Maureen Haley, Tammy Cotter, Patty Olson, Jean Ackerly.  (Joan Friedman and Katelyn White not available).


  • In light of National Friends Week, Maureen proposed writing letter to editor about Friends, who we are, mention supporters of friends etc. All agreed good idea, she will write and submit.

Jean Ackerly:

  • No changes in programming.
  • Will provide Friends with key to library prior to Harvest Festival for set-up, 9am.
  • Looking to have a volunteer drive in January.

Harvest Festival update:

  • Event will all take place in large meeting room.
  • Pam to supply balloons for inside and out & bring money boxes Saturday AM.
  • Maureen will add “Harvest Festival …” to sidewalk sign.
  • Tammy to send out mailchimp and resend emails asking for chili / mac-n-cheese donations.
  • Have a table in meeting room that showcases all displays – Newbury items, baked goods, Amazon bookmarks etc.
  • Proposed pricing to be $4.00 for tasting and $4 for bowl. If only few entries, will adjust price accordingly.
  • Set-up is Friday afternoon 4:00 and Saturday 9am.
  • Raffle ticket prices will remain same as last year – $5 for one or 5 tickets for $20. Drawing will be after event and Maureen to follow up with winners.
  • Need to follow up to verify that NES received flyer and will put in their newsletter (Patty).
  • Baseball – if we have no volunteer(s) to ‘coach’ by 16th, we will forego it for this year.

Pam – Financials

  • Membership renewals projection will give us $1600 for the year if renewal rate stays same.
  • Donations are on target for our conservative estimate.
  • Books will generate approx. $1400 for year.
  • In good shape, roughly $9000 in account.

Next Meetings:  12:15pm on Thursdays:   Nov. 2,  Dec. 7  and January 4, 2018.