2017 June 8 Meeting Minutes & Fiscal Budget 2017/2018

Fiscal Budget 2017/2018

Youth Programs:  Katelyn has enough left in her current Budget to cover the Summer Reading Kick Off event of Magician Scott Jameson, $525.00.  The Board voted in favor of $4,000. for Youth Programs next year.

Adult Programs:  Jean has enough left in her current Budget to cover the Jazz Band at Suzanne’s  Retirement Soiree and the Walt Whitman performance on Tues. June 20th from 6:30 to 7:30 sponsored by the Friends.  ($525.).   The Board voted in favor of $3,000. for Adult Programs next year.

Museum passes:  The Board voted in favor of purchasing passes for Museum of Science, MFA and Peabody Essex at a cost of $1,250. Discussion of adding House of 7 Gables passes, cost $200 and provide ½ price admission for 2 adults and 2 children.  Jean will think about it and let us know if she wants the Friends to purchase them.   Jean mentioned currently patrons use 2-4/month for Boston Children’s Museum (they cost $600).   Discussed whether to purchase these as didn’t purchase last year out of budget, was from left over budget money the previous year.  The Board voted in favor of purchasing the Children’s Museum passes.

Friends Expenses:  The alcohol expense for the Soiree will come out of the current year Friends Expenses.  The Friends spent more than anticipated, probably due to the purchase of more hats and flags, but as they sell we are more than making up for it.  Next year the Friends are anticipating total expenses of $3,700.

Income:  Membership:  $1,832.43.  Donations: $2,431.12.  Sponsorship:  (from the Institution for Savings for Plant Sale) $1,000.  Events:  $3,618.91.  Books & art: $1,256.   Newbury hats, flags and NTL bumper stickers:  $1,933.73.

The Board voted in favor of $3,000. for Adult Programs and $4,000. for Youth Programs.

Proposed Fiscal Year 2017/2018 Budget is $12,850.

Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Maureen, Pam, Tammy, Jean and Katelyn (Patty was unavailable to attend).

Plant Sale total profit came to (including plants, books, membership, raffle and baked goods) $2052.91.  Overall a successful event.  A huge thank you to Pam for joining Tammy and Pam to dig and re-pot plants to sell from her gardens!  Thanks as well to all the volunteers, sponsors, garden centers, donators of raffle items, bakers and more.

Maureen reports that she has been transitioned to the position of Administrator for the Friends Facebook Page and will be posting often!  Our favorite PR person, Belen Wieler-Hawes, after 2 years, is moving on and we will sorely miss her expertise and sunny disposition. Watch for news about the library and Friends at:  https://www.facebook.com/fontl/.  Over the summer Maureen will be requesting Raffle items and Sponsorships for the Harvest Festival, tentatively set for Oct. 21, Saturday.  She will post the Minutes of this meeting when the draft (from Tammy) is approved by the Board. She presented a list of the many raffle items she garnered for Friends donations to the Youth Summer Program.  She, Tammy & Patty will be at the Soiree early to help set up, stay and assist clean in the up after.

Jean reports that Susan Noyes from the Town Hall is inquiring on behalf of James Leahy for volunteer opportunities. He is a local college student interested in PR who loves the Library.  Jean will get back to Susan and let her know that the Friends would like to set up a meeting with him to discuss as we are interested!

Pam reported financials for the current Fiscal Year and next, 2017/2018.  (See above report for details).  The Friends had a very profitable year from the Harvest Festival, Plant Sale, Pam’s Jewelry Workshop, Book Sales, Donations, Memberships, Newbury items, Sponsorship from the Institution for Savings and AmazonSmile.  Considering we held no Restaurant fundraisers, we had an amazing year and are very proud  to help support the library.

Tammy reported the current Membership number and has sent the June renewal reminders.   She reports that the Newbury hats are selling well and she & Pam placed a Newbury flag order last week as they are also very popular. Tammy will help the bartender to get set up at the Soiree and pay for the alcohol used at the end.

The Friends Summer Newsletter will be created by Tammy and sent via Mailchimp in the next few weeks and will mention the new library hours beginning July 1:  Tuesdays & Thursdays 10-7 and Wednesdays & Fridays 10-5.   (Saturdays remain the same). The newsletter will also include upcoming library programs, no Friends fundraisers are planned for the summer, Youth Summer Reading Program details, (begins June 22 – see link below), details on Suzanne’s Retirement Party/Soiree success, the Kick Off/other details for the Adult Summer Reading Program and that the Library now has charging center sponsored by Parker River Dental.

Katelyn has done a phenomenal job in putting together this year’s Youth Summer Reading Program based on the national theme: “Build a Better World”.  The program will encourage youth interest in engineering, architecture and the environment.  The Kick-Off  will be held at 1pm on Thursday, June 22 and begins with Magician Scott Jameson, to be followed by a visit of the Kona-Ice Truck, Henna Tattoos, face painting, raffles of prizes including Canobie Lake, Water Country and the New England Aquarium passes (donated by the Friends).  The fun continues until 3pm.  Check back often for details on the rest of the summer’s lineup on NTL website, this website and on both Facebook Pages.  She has acquired many other fun prizes as well, some for attaining reading challenges.  She has created the following flyer: Build_a_Better_World_Summer_reading_flyer_2017.02