2017 May 11 Meeting Minutes

Friends of Newbury Town Library Meeting Minutes                                                   Thursday, May 11, 2017

Attendees: Jean Ackerley, Katelyn White, Tammy Cotter, Patty Olson, Maureen Haley, Pam Myers-Kinney and Joan Friedman.

Plant Sale Update–Meet at Pam’s 12:30 the day before sale to pick up plants donated by Pam and then set up the library displays.  (Maureen & Patty to be at library earlier to start set-up).

Maureen – Belen will be responsible for posting on Facebook until the end of the month but after that the Board will have to find a replacement to take over that duty. For the Plant Sale, Maureen to purchase hanging baskets and other flowering annuals as needed with the $1,000. Sponsorship received from the Institution and pick up donated plants, bring raffle displays, autographed books will be on separate shelf  for $10.00 each along with Newbury Merchandise, bring in SquareUp credit card devices.  Raffle tickets priced at $5.00 each and $20.00 for five tickets.  Will have a volunteer helping with raffle table.

Communications –Ads have been placed in newspapers, the Chamber of Commerce, Facebook, Mailchimp and the websites. Maureen will have signs and posters made at Staples for “Sponsored by Institution” and “Raffle”.  Tickets for raffle will be $5.00 for one ticket and $20.00 for five tickets.

Tammy-  4 Newbury hats sold and she will place an order for more.  Will take orders for flags at Plant Sale.  Posting ad for Newbury boat flags at Old Town Country Club.  Will have sufficient number of volunteers on hand for the Plant Sale, as well as baked goods so there is no need to purchase any.  AmazonSmile account administrator changed to Tammy from Belen.  Will send reminder Mailchimp on Thurs. May 18 about Plant Sale.

Pam- Expenses still below budget with approx. $1600 remaining. Income is steady, (Memberships are up $500 from last year), Events lacking but largest event – Plant Sale – still to come.  Book Sales up $300 and Donations huge increase, plus $1,000 Plant Sale Sponsorship received from the Institution For Savings.  Pam to bring two cash boxes to Plant Sale with $200.00 in each. (one each for plants/raffles).

Jean – Things in line for June 9th An Evening of Jazz in the Garden soirée event (Suzanne’s Retirement Party/Adult Summer Reading Kickoff). Event is 5pm – 8pm.  RSVP online.  Friends Board members offfered to (personally) donate waters, soda and an appetizer or two.  Adult Summer Reading Bingo will be in place for summer and include reading challenges and prizes.

Katelyn – Children’s Summer Reading Program Kickoff registration begins Thursday June 22nd at 1pm with magician Scott Jameson with a Family Magic Show.  Will have Kona Shaved ice truck, face painting and raffles of Aquarium passes, Improv passes, Zoo passes, Haleys Ice Cream and Richardson’s Ice cream donations and more. Summer Reading Challenge is to read 20 minutes a day.  Other planned events – July 7th  at 1pm is The Lego Maniac, Jack McCarthy;  July 28th  at 11am is Family Musician, David Polansky  and August 10th  at 11am is Nature Nick’s Animal Adventures with monkeys, kangaroos and more.

Calendar:  June 8 Next Friends Meeting and June 9 An Evening of Jazz in the Garden.