Dec. 14, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Friends of Newbury Town Library Meeting Minutes                                                   Dec. 14, 2016


Attendees:  Maureen Haley, Tammy Cotter, Pam Kinney, Jean Ackerly, Katelyn White and Nancy Moran, Friends Member.

President, Maureen

Maureen introduced the Friends Board Officers to Member Nancy Moran and thanked her for coming.  Nancy can help with upcoming events, etc.

Another Friend’s member, Janet Schoene, had suggested that we encourage patrons to ‘gift’ a Friends Membership for holiday gifts.  The Board voted to keep it in mind for next year as we are doing well with membership and have reached out in other ways.

Tammy donated the baking pans left over from Harvest Festival, (the patron that won them in the raffle never picked them up), to Leeward Light, as was agreed to by the Board.

Maureen would like the Board to start thinking about a date for Plant Sale so that soliciting for donations of raffle items can begin.  No date set yet but it will be near Mother’s day.  Asked the Board to begin thinking of raffle items suggestions. She mentioned Seacoast Helicopter Tours out of Portsmouth and is seeking ideas for outdoor activity places along with others. Tammy suggested a kayak rental company in Newburyport and one also in Newbury near Parker River on route 1A.  Pam suggested Blue Ocean Music Hall and Tammy will contact a friend who has an ‘in’ with the family that owns it.  Pam will contact Budduful souls again.  Jean suggested a car detailing place.   Katelyn suggested a gift certificate to Butcher Boy or Bucherelli’s for meats and other grilling ideas. Jean suggested David’s Fish Market, along with places on Plum Island such as The Cottage, Plum Island Soap Company, Mad Martha’s, Beach Coma and Plum Island Grill.  All great ideas that will be utilized!

Maureen attended the last Trustees meeting, along with Jean, and it was mentioned that the Library is looking into purchasing a defibrillator and in having the staff trained in CPR.  Jean is looking into Liability as well.

Vice President, Tammy

8 New/Renew Memberships have been entered for the Membership Grows Raffle so far.  There are 104 members.  All renewal letters have gone out for December (mailed) as well as second notices to for Sept; Oct. and Nov. renewals.  (Those were initially emailed.)  Possibly slow now due to holiday season.


Treasurer, Pam

Maureen mentioned that “Wordpress” (website server) is due for renewal soon.  Pam and she will watch for the Invoice.  We talked about the cost of WordPress and if there are free programs but Pam and Maureen both mentioned that you are limited when you use the free programs and that we wouldn’t have the personalized URL.

Pam reviewed this month’s Financial Summary and the Friends have met our goal for yearly Membership funds and are only half way through the year!  To date, the Friends are close to raising our Conservative Income Goal for the year due to Events, Book Sales, Merchandise Sales, Donations and Membership.  The Nickerson family donated $300.00 this month (they had given us $1000 last year to go towards paying for the Bookook Sale Room shelves).  Tammy will send a thank you letter to them.  Hats and flags have generated over $500 to date.  Book Sale Room profit last year was $775 and to date this year it has made $550.  We discussed providing more funds to the Library in the near future, depending on money made from winter fundraisers.  We are thinking of having a Restaurant event at Oregano’s – they will share a percentage of profits made on food and drink for one night.  Also may have a Plant Making night, similar to Paint Night.  Will discuss dates at our next meeting.

VP Communications, Belen – could not attend.

Maureen will touch base with her to follow up on latest mailchimp and newsletter as well as a possible date for a Restaurant Fundraising Event at Oregano’s.  Will also ask about a Plant Night possibility? (Like Paint Night).  Will provide her with info on upcoming library programs and events as well.

Secretary, Patty Olson – could not attend.

Library Director, Jean Ackerly

Jean said there are a lot in the works for Adult programming but nothing set in stone yet.

Peter Zheutlin, New York Times best selling author of Rescue Road: One Man, Thirty Thousand Dogs, and a Million Miles on the Last Hope Highway, will be at the Library January 28, Saturday from 11-12.  His book is about the story of one man who has driven more than a million miles to rescue thousands of dogs from hunger, abuse and neglect and give them a second chance at life and love.  Register online.


The Stranger in my Genes author, Bill Griffith, lives in the area and Jean is seeking him to schedule an Author Talk. She is also looking into “Mass Memories Road Show”, where people from the community come in with their photos to be scanned into a digital slide show.  She is looking into other speakers and for the Geneology program as well.

She and Katelyn are splitting the extra $1,000.00 the Friends donated to them at the last meeting and working on how to best spend it.

Youth Librarian, Katelyn White

The Friends-sponsored Mine Craft program for youth is secured for $300.00 every 2 months.  (The server was lost, unfortunately, but a consultant fixed it and created 4 worlds, which will last 6 months at a cost of $400.00  –  it was a better solution long term for the cost).  Jean/Katelyn will mention that the Friends pay for this program when patrons participate.

Katelyn scheduled the Therapy Dog, “Zoe”, for January 13, Friday and may be on January 28, Saturday as well.  She’s free!

There is a speaker, Dr. Peter Grinspoon, that she and Jean are looking into having come to another Opioid Awareness Meeting Event at the library in the near future.  He was addicted to opioids and now tells his story. He is a primary care physician at Mass General Hospital’s Chelsea Clinic and the author of Free Refills: A Doctor Confronts His Addiction.  They will contact him to get a price.

Katelyn is doing a quick introduction on January 17th Tuesday, (2 groups depending on kid ages) for “How to Build a Robot”.   In February she will focus on robots and coding games during vacation week.    She purchased Dash and Dot – the toy robots that teach young children how to code them to sing, dance and navigate.  She will do a craft as well.  She asked about the left over juice boxes from Harvest Festival and we agreed she can use them for any programs.  Katelyn is organizing a “I Survived” Book Club based on the “I Survived” series books.

Calendar:  Next meeting date:   Thursday January 12th, 12:30