November 17, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Friends of Newbury Town Library Meeting Minutes                                                                                Nov. 17, 2016

 President, Maureen

I’ll be attending tomorrow night’s program, Gratitudes & Etudes to set up Membership Table & speak.

Motioned for a “Friends Membership Grows” campaign with a poster near by Book Sale Room indicating growth of new Memberships, the purpose of raising funds, an ending date and automatic entry into a drawing of the $50 Newburyport Shopping Card on hand.  Maureen will make up packets of Membership Apps, NTL flyers, Newsletters, bookmark, etc. for patrons to take from a decorative wicker basket in the Book Sale Room.  Word to be spread via usual routes: FB, websites, newsletter, MailChimp.  To be followed up with Pam, Tammy and Belen.

The Daily News will be publishing a thank you letter for the Harvest Festival soon (Maureen submitted based on last year’s) and we will save the one day free Ad supplied by the Chamber for another time – end date TBD by Maureen with Chamber.

The Chamber Annual Member Holiday Mixer ($10) is Wed. Dec. 7 if anyone wants to attend – let me know so you can be registered.  It will be at Steeple Hall at Mission Oak Grill.  Cash bar, raffles, appetizers, 5:30-7:30 and guests are welcome.

I’ll attend the Trustee Meeting on Nov. 22, all are welcome to come and participate in Library policy, etc. discussions.

Vice President, Tammy

Tammy reported that Friends Membership is at 104 and renewals for Oct & November have been emailed with hard copies going out as well in early December.

She presented research from vendors to provide logo book totes.  There is a range of options and she is waiting on one more vendor. It’s an initial investment of about $500 that may take several months to get back, so Pam will do an assessment of merchandising so far to consider.

Tammy mentioned that the Friends tab to get to our page from the library website isn’t showing up.  Per Erin there is a new spot at the top of the page “Support the Library” as the information on the tabs pertains to the library and other libraries do the same as “Friends” is an unknown term usually.

Treasurer, Pam

Pam explained that income from sales of hats, mugs and flags has been classified under “Donations and Other” and books & Art stand alone.  Income from past month has put us much ahead of pace to reach all goals.  There was discussion on what balance should be in Friends account when the library could be providing programs, etc. with it.  Pam motioned $1,000.00 to be offered to librarians considering income we’re generating, Maureen seconded, all appproved.  Advised Jean and Katelyn to let us know how they will be splitting up the funds.

VP Communications, Belen

Belen has called Oregano’s regarding a fundraiser and is waiting for a date.  She will look into Coins for a Cause and is promoting AmazonSmile Holiday shopping, Opiod Awareness Night Nov. 29, and asked if we wanted to consider decorating a Holiday Lamp Post in Newburyport for $100 for PR purposes but the Board did not feel it would be to the library’s advantage at this time.  She would like to have a Plant Night at the Library in early winter and a Paint Night at the Library the end of winter and the Board agrees they would be benefitial.

Library Director, Jean

The trustees voted to take $1000 from the State Aid account to go toward Children’s programming.  There was money in the account as the library was able to cover some expense at the end of FY16 with money left over in staffing.

Per Jean: Pam wrote a check to Staples for the Genealogy Computer (NAID grant) before I was reminded by the town accountant that the Friends cannot pay invoices on the library’s Staples account.  So Pam had to stop payment on the check and I paid the bill from our Gift & Memorial Fund, which is a fund of library bequests etc.  Pam is now going to write the check out to the library and I will deposit it back into the Gift & Memorial fund.

On Dec. 1, the Genealogy Meeting has professional genealogist, Jake Fletcher, coming to speak about researching for family in Ireland due to the difficulty of famines costing loss of records, etc.  Cost is $150 from Grant funds.

On Dec. 12, Monday, Seth Moulton will be at the library to speak to the community.

NTL bumper stickers have been ordered and will be included in Welcome Packets.

The library received $400 from Newbury Cultural Council Grants to support the children’s Sprouting Melodies program.

The library will be having a Library Volunteer Campaign in Jan. & Feb.

Youth Librarian, Katelyn

Katelyn has organized an Opioid Awareness Night for Tues. Nov 29 from 6-8pm at the library to include speakers and discussion about the ongoing and increasing of opioid addiction.  Appropriate for teens and adults, it will also be available on TV and YouTube afterwards.

On Tues. Dec. 27, she has organized “Color Me Calm” Mandalas, for kids and adults, free.

She is looking to utilize minecraft equipment for future projects and to leverage the computers.


Next Meeting Wed. Dec. 14, 12:30