October 20, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Friends of the Newbury Town Library Meeting Minutes                                            October 20, 2016

 Harvest Festival Planning Steps Meeting – along with Board Member summaries.

Attendees: Maureen Haley, Tammy Cotter, Pam Myers-Kinney, Patty Olson, Jean Ackerly, Erin Tuomi and Katelyn White.


Jean Ackerly submitted Invoices to Pam for purchases made with the NAID Grant.  She asked if the Petty Cash fund comes out of the Programs Funds and Pam verified that it comes from the Book Sales income.  Jean will be offering Holiday cookies and hot cider on Saturdays in December and the Friends agreed it can be funded with Petty Cash.  Patrons are inquiring about small boat flags so Tammy will place an order for more.

Peter Zheutlin, author of Rescue Road: One Man, Thirty Thousand Dogs, and a Million Miles on the Last Hope Highway will be at the Library in January.  His book is about the story of one man who has driven more than a million miles to rescue thousands of dogs from hunger, abuse and neglect and give them a second chance at life and love.

“Music Through the Decades” with David Polansky will be at the Library on Saturday, Oct. 22 from 1 – 2pm if we could spread the word and help to fill up the audience.

Erin is advertising the Friends on the Library Newsletter.  She obtained cost estimates for  “NTL ♥” magnets and stickers from Minuteman Press and had an idea that the Friends could put them into welcome packets in the future?  The Friends agreed to sell the stickers for $3. in the Book Sale Room, (cost is $1. Ea) vs the magnets as they cost twice as much and only work on metal.


Maureen plans to represent the Friends at the Chamber’s “New Member Mixer” at the Grog, Monday Oct. 24 to meet the Board Members and bring Friends’ flyers, newsletters and bookmarks and thank the business members that have helped us in the past with raffle donations, etc.  At this Saturday’s Library Event “Music Through the Decades”, she willl represent the Friends with a display table of flyers, our sign, bookmarks, donation jar, etc.  She asked the Board to consider meeting on a weeknight sometime so that Belen can join us as she is working during the day now and we agreed that a Monday night would be best. Maureen will ask Belen about her availability.  Also, she noted that 8 of the 10 Newbury mugs have been sold and the Board should consider ordering more.

Vice President

Tammy will find out where to order more of the Newbury mugs from as there are 2 left from the original 10.  She is also ordering more small boat flags as patrons have been inquiring about them.  The Membership Renewals to past members In Newbury and Georgetown has generated $265 to date and the one to members in Byfield have generated $330.00 to date. Currently we have 112 active Friends Members.  The books are flying off the shelves in the Book Sale Room thanks to the generous donations of ‘almost new’ books, movies and CD’s by patrons.


Pam reviewed the Quarterly Financial Summary, Stretch Goals and Conservative Goals and we are keeping pace with what’s being spent. As of today, Total Expenses are $3925 and Total Income is $3,029.  Income Balances as of today vs last year’s final totals:  Membership $800 vs. $1200 and Book Sales $383 vs $775.


The Library donated The Book Club Cook Book by Judy Gelman & Vicki Levy Krupp for a Raffle item and 3 large, character-shaped cake baking pans as a Raffle item.  Patty will add a cookbook and a cake mix to the pans.  Katelyn clarified that 2 Cinemagic movie passes and Leo’s Bowling passes will be used for contest prizes during Harvest Festival and is giving the Friends 2 Cinemagic movie passes to use as needed.  She will have mini ‘baggie’ crafts, provide candy for kids during the Halloween Costume Parade (outside, weather permitting) and will hang the finished Halloween Theme Coloring Contest Pages in the Community Room.  Erin will see if the NTL stickers can be available for Harvest Festival.

Maureen visited Simard’s Restaurant and gave it a high rating as we have a Gift Card to give as a prize for a Cook-Off.   For the Harvest Festival, she will ask farmstands to donate fall decorations; set up the Square device to enable us to take credit cards for purchases made; prepare price and item description posters for the Raffle table and acquire any additional vases needed to hold tickets for each item.

Tammy reports that 6 patrons have signed up to volunteer for Harvest Festival, Maureen requested one to help with the Raffle, Katelyn requested one to help with Crafts.  There are currently 4 Chili and 3 Chowder Contest entries – Pam will post notices asking for more, along with bakers. Patty volunteered to make chili.  Tammy has signs and ballots made for the Cooking Contests and will provide the poster, ingredients cards, etc. She will pick up 10 lbs Macaroni and Cheese with the Market Basket Gift Card.

Pam inquired about money needed for the 2 cash boxes and we agreed it would be $100 ea.  They will be in the closet Friday.  She inquired about the Raffle Permit and Maureen asked her to contact Town Hall to see if we need a renewal from last year’s.

The Harvest Festival flyer is in the Town Common Newspaper this week – thanks Belen!  Belen, Jean and Katelyn will take pictures of the Harvest Festival activities.

Tentative gifts for volunteers  –  Cinemagic Movie Passes, Graf Skating Rink and Chunky’sMovie Passes.


Next Meeting Date: Thursday, November 17th @ 12:30

Possible Monday Night meeting date with Belen to be determined.