September 8, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Friends of Newbury Town Library Meeting Minutes                                                   Sept. 8, 2016

Attendance:  Maureen Haley, Tammy Cotter, Belen Wieler-Hawes, Pam Myers-Kinney, Patty Olson, Jean Ackerly, Katelyn White, Julie Maneikis.

President, Maureen Haley

New Raffle item donations of $50 Gift Cards each, from Andiamo’s Restaurant and Butcher Boy Market in Andover.  Need to do quick updates from all so that we can discuss Harvest Festival details further.

Vice President, Tammy Cotter

Membership:  Current Friends Members:  112.  Sending Sept. renewals and a letter to past members in Newbury/Georgetown this month.  From July 1, $395. Has been raised in Membership, 265.00 from the Aug. mailing to past members.  The Friends will use the library’s new printer for printing Membership Forms in the future instead of having an outside party print them for us as a courtesy.

Book Sale Room:  Hats ($20 ea) order came in and two are at front desk. Pictures of them have been sent to Belen and Maureen for PR purposes and the Friends will ask the Library to put them on their website as well.  Tammy showed the Board 2 book bag samples but we agreed that we need something sturdier. The Friends purchased a custom-sized boat flag for a patron which raised $43.00.  Tammy offered her new and some hardly used jigsaw puzzles the Friends can sell in the book sale room – Board approved new ones would be OK. Maureen proposes that the Board discuss a Merchandising plan after Harvest Festival and it was approved by Board.

Landscaping:  The DPW removed old bushes and will plant the 7 Hostas remaining that were left over from the Plant Sale and donated to the library.  She and Jean discussed having a fundraiser in the spring, along with the Garden Club, to purchase new bushes.

Treasurer, Pam Myers-Kinney

The Friends received a check for $1,000.00 from Bill Plante in memory of Gene Smith, (Lois W. Smith’s late husband), to be forwarded to the Lois W. Smith Endowment – Maureen will provide Pam with the mailing address.  Jewelry Workshop:  Per Pam, any number of participants will be fine.   She and Maureen will be there and Belen and Tammy may be able to attend as well.   Pam will not be able to attend the Harvest Festival as she will be away on vacation.  The Friends finances are stable and income is growing.

VP Communications, Belen Wieler-Hawes

Belen will have a pass code for the Chamber of Commerce updates and events and will ask them to provide a second one to the Library as they will be leveraging our Membership.

Secretary, Patty Olson

Will help with coordinating Harvest Festival activities planned, as noted in separate document.

Jean, Library Director

$1,400. Grant money left to spend on Geneology by Oct. 1, 2016.

New upcoming programs:  Tech Help offered Wednesdays 12-2pm and also on Facebook

Author/former war journalist for BBC, CBS and others/film maker, producer and spiritual practitioner Melissa Burch, Book Tour Stop of her book:  My Journey through War and Peace and her experiences in Afghanistan. Thurs. Sept. 29, 6:30-7:30.

Can Hypnosis Help You? Andy Morris, local Hypnosis & Reiki Practitioner. Wed. Oct 12, 1-2pm.

Music Through the Decades with David Polansky Sat. Oct 22, 1-2pm.

The Library purchased a new color printer, faxer and scanner.

Katelyn, Youth Librarian:

A new program for babies and toddlers up to age 5, Storytime on Wed. 10:30 – 11am.

A Wii program, ages 7-12, Tuesdays through Sept. on Tuesdays from 4-5pm.

Discussed Harvest Festival plans – see Steps Document.


  • Harvest Festival Final Steps Meeting. 9/29 12:30.
  • Harvest Festival on October 29, 2016, Saturday 10-2.


Harvest Festival (Oct. 29) Planning Steps.

  • Main Events: Chili & Chowder Contest, Mac & Cheese (Tam, Julie and Patty will make).  There will also be a Bake Sale.  Book Sale Room promotion, Belen will pass out Membership forms for signups.
  • Advertising: No large posters will be made, instead Belen has created and posted flyers in the Newbury & Newburyport area, schools, placed on Facebook, Maureen to place on Friends website, sent to Daily News and Chamber.  Belen will forward copies of flyer to Board for posting locally as well.
  • Entertainment: Ben Janvrin will play, along with a friend or two.
  • Children’s entertainment: Maureen will contact Shelley re. doing a craft. Patty’s daughter will do Henna Tatoos.  Tammy’s daughter, and a friend, will do face painting.  The Friends to purchase the face paints, Patty has the tattoo supplies.   A costume parade with Kangaroo mascot from Launch Trampoline Park.  Katelyn will do an acorn craft with the kids.  The Board decided to scrap the Scare Crow Making activity.
  • Donations needed: Items listed on Signup Genius, plus fall (and Halloween?) decorations, Mac & Cheese, baked goods. Tammy has chili/chowder spoons and will purchase, and donate, the cups.  Tammy will send out Signup genius next week to past volunteers at Events.  There is a question as to where the certificates from Simard’s and Market Basket went and Tammy and Maureen will research.
  • Raffle – continuing to send Ask letters, will renew raffle license ($10) if needed. Do we want the raffle drum, what will be ticket prices, prizes.  Pam’s business partner, Mary, donated a pass for 5 Yoga classes at Buddhaful Souls, value $70.00.  Maureen will send pictures of Raffle items to Belen for PR and post on Friends website.  New Raffle item donations of $50 Gift Cards from Andiamo’s Restaurant and Butcher Boy Market in Andover.  (Full list is on “About” Page).
  • Other: Belen suggested we introduce Jean & Katelyn during our events.  Pam will be away on vacation.