August 2016 Meeting Minutes

Friends of Newbury Town Library Meeting Minutes                                                 August 11, 2016

Attendance:  Maureen Haley, Tammy Cotter, Belen Wieler-Hawes, Pam Myers-Kinney, Patty Olson, Jean Ackerly, Erin Tuomi, Katelyn White

President, Maureen Haley

Continuing to send ‘ask’ letters for Harvest Festival raffle items and decorations, most recent donation was a $50.00 Newburyport Gift Card from the Chamber of Commerce   I’ll renew the Raffle Permit with Town Hall two weeks before Event, $10.00 fee. I’ll fix the problem with Paypal and the website not forwarding Membership renewal information to Tammy. I’ll begin pursuing corporate (grants) “donations” for the Friends.

Vice President, Tammy Cotter

The “Past Members Renewal Letter” created and sent to Byfield residents by Tammy and Pam has generated some renewals and income for the Friends.  The Newbury hats and other items will be re-ordered by Tammy through Creative Touch in Salisbury.  Two flags were sold in the past few weeks.  Tammy sent a Thank You letter to Leslie Haley at Town Hall for donating the ‘business’ to the Friends and to Whole Music for room rental which provided the Friends with $140.00 income.  Tammy will begin working on a Signup Genius for the Harvest Festival.  The fiction books in the Book Sale Room have been labeled with a yellow sticker for rotation in 6 months or so.

Treasurer, Pam Myers-Kinney

Bank Account Balance: $ 11,274.05.  In just the past 3 weeks, the Friends raised over $300.00 from: Flags $115.00, Books $66.00, IBM contributions $30.18 and Membership $25.00.

Pam will make a poster for the new entranceway sign directing patrons to the Book Sale Room.

The Friends bank account balance at the beginning of FY16/17 was $12,187.00.  $8,950.00 was approved for spending, leaving @ $3,000.  The Board agreed that the money can be well utilized in programs and voted to increase the Youth Program funding by $1,000.00, giving it a total of $3,000.00 to maintain Minecraft and to begin planning other programs.

VP Communications, Belen Wieler-Hawes

Harvest Festival:  Jean Ackerly knows a band that may perform, she will verify the cost and if they will donate their time.  Ben Janvrin is playing, the Ipswich Ale Tapmobile has been scheduled, chili and chowder contests will be held.  Promotions have begun on Facebook and Belen has approval from the Board to spend $150.00 as needed for large posters to distribute in Newbury and the Newburyport area. It was decided that instead of advertising the fundraiser as a way to fund a specific item that the Friends would promote the fact that 100% of fundraising proceeds go towards programming and services that would otherwise not be possible.

Jewelry making workshop to be held Thursday, September 15, 2016 from 7-9pm at the Library.  Pam will donate semi-precious beads and stones from her collection and lead the workshop. She will send pictures of items to Belen for advertising.  The cost will be $30.00 to make either earrings and a necklace, or earrings and a bracelet.  Maximum 15 people.  Belen will advertise on EventBrite for registration.

Belen was not able to set up the Sunset Cruise for this summer but will pursue for another time.  It was determined that the AmazonSmile Program does not charge an annual fee.  The Institution for Savings “Coins for a Cause” program will let Belen know what month the Friends are scheduled to benefit from the program.  Chris, from Chamber of Commerce Marketing Dept; will meet Belen, Maureen and Jean at the Library on August 18, Thurs. at 11:30 to tour the library and discuss opportunities for combined efforts and costs.

Library Director, Jean Ackerly

Jean is responsible for pursuing library grants, but the Friends can pursue ‘donations’.  The Friends need to align efforts with Jean to avoid overlap.  The Friends need to identify someone to pursue generic grants from large corporations as ‘donations’ to the Friends.  Maureen volunteered.

Youth Library, Erin Tuomi  and Katelyn White

We are happy to welcome Katelyn White as our new Youth Librarian as Erin takes on the position of Assistant Library Director.  They were both happy to report that the Summer Reading Program went well.  The Kids and Teens enjoyed and benefited from the fitness themed workshops, presentations, raffles, prizes and reading materials.


Next Meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 8 at 12:30.