July 21, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Friends Meeting Minutes  7/21/16

In attendance:  Maureen Haley, Tammy Cotter, Belen Wieler-Hawes, Pam Myers-Kinney, Jean Ackerly and Erin Tuomi.


  • Tammy & Pam will work on creating a “snail mail” letter to send to past members that live locally and include a Friends bookmark (or more) with it.  May include it with Belen’s Mailchimp Friends Newsletter as an attachment.
  • Tammy will update the Membership application to reflect museum pass info and the new $15 single charge.  Also, a Corporate Membership charge will be ‘all donations welcome’.  She will include:   ‘ask your employer to match’!


  • Tammy will send a Thank You note to E.J with Whole Music for their donation of $140.00 to the Friends for rental of the Meeting Room.
  • Pam talked about our logo and purchasing a better electronic version.  Could use Logo Nerds. Costs less than $100.   Our current logo doesn’t fit on most electronic submissions.  The website url has changed as well, and so that needs to be corrected on it.  Belen will look into logo.
  • $2,000.00 is the budget for Children’s Programs and expenses for the Fiscal Year ending June 30th, 2017.  (Over and above the $1069.00 advanced in FY15/16 to cover Summer Reading Programs for FY16/17).
  • Pam will have separate line item for Grant funds and their expenditures, so that the money is recorded separately from any Friends income and expenses.
  • Tammy asked if we need to create a form for Adult and Children’s Program expenses going forward, Pam said no because her system for money doesn’t call for it and the Board agreed.
  • Pam created a Google Doc with the latest finances and the Friends are currently in the green!
  • Book Sale funds raised $750 last fiscal year.


  • Belen and Tammy will work on asking NES to promote our Membership Form and Newsletter.  Between that and the other promoting the Friends do, Belen does not feel that we need to look into purchasing another venue for correcting the Mailchimp/gmail spam problem.
  • Belen will take pictures of the Newbury mugs, flags and art prints in the Book Sale Room that the Friends have for sale and promote them on Facebook, etc.
  • The Board chose a stand-alone sign holder to purchase from the Amazon Shopping Website in order to promote the Book Sale Room at the front entranceway and to use for other purposes. Tammy will purchase it as a donation to library.  The Friends can print posters to display on it.
  • Belen presented the next Friends Newsletter which talks about holding a Sunset Cruise Fundraiser –  Date to be determined.  She has a contact for this type of event and it would cost $700. for a few hours with a cash bar and it could accommodate up to 100 people.  The Board agreed that early September would be best and Belen will follow up with her contact and get back to us with more details regarding deposit, etc.
  • Belen suggested holding an “Open Mic Night” quarterly for teens. The Friends could charge an admission fee.  Tammy will talk to Gary from E.J. Oulette’s and Belen will pursue with the middle and high school, Men’s Choir, etc.


  • Jean suggested including a Chowder Cook-Off in addition to the Chili Cook-Off.  The Board agreed and we will still offer Macaroni and Cheese to sell for donated amounts.
  • The Board agreed not to use the Orange Leaf Yogurt truck anymore as both times it was used in the last year it didn’t make much profit.
  • Ben Janvrin said “yes’ to playing at the Harvest Festival!
  • The Friends could ask the Men’s Choir to perform at the Harvest Festival as well.
  • Henna tattoos are always a big hit and the Board talked about doing this at the Harvest Festival and charging patrons to have them done.  Pam knows two people that do it and will check into whether or not they would be interested in volunteering their time.
  • Maureen has reserved the Ipswich Ale Brewery Tapmobile and has received raffle donations so far of: 2 passes to the Blue Man Group Show, 2 passes to Cinemagic Movie Theater and 4 VIP passes to the Newburyport Brewery.  She will continue sending ‘ask’ letters for more raffle donations.


  • The Library now has discounted passes available for the Boston Children’s Museum.
  • Lois Smith’s husband Eugene passed away last week. Belen will mention in the Newsletter and include that donations can be made to the Lois Smith Memorial Fund by following the instructions on the Library webpage.
  • Jean said they are interested in renewing their Membership with the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce and Belen is looking into the Friends joining as well.  Belen suggested having one of their representatives come in and talk with all of us about how they can help both the Friends and the Library.  We would need two separate memberships but maybe they can give an incentive price/services for both.  Belen will follow up with the Chamber and set up a meeting.
  • Museum passes currently held are:  Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Children’s Museum, Museum of Science, Peabody Essex Museum and the USS Constitution Museum.


  • A new Youth Librarian is to hopefully start Aug 1st.
  • The Children’s Summer Reading Program concert, performed by Morgan Taylor and Gustafer Yellowgold will be interactive and is sponsored by the Friends on July 27 at 11.  Belen volunteered to attend and speak about the Friends.
  • The end of the Children’s Summer Reading Program is August 13th and there are many prizes to be given away.  No other Youth Programs are scheduled until fall kick off, after Labor Day.  The new Youth Services Librarian will be in charge of that.


  • Next meeting  Thursday, August 11th, 2016 at 12:30.