2016 April Plant Sale Meeting

Plant, Bake and Book Sale Planning Steps Meeting Minutes.  4/28/16.

In attendance:  Maureen Haley, Tammy Cotter, Patty Olson and Julie Maneikis.

The Friends Board nailed down the final details for the upcoming Plant & Bake & Book Sale on May 14, Saturday from 9am to 2pm.  Volunteers are needed the day before and the event date to help with set up and clean up along with a request for baked goods and plants.  There is a sign up sheet at:  Signup Genius and we would truly appreciate any time you could spare to help out the Friends!  Or you can always drop us an email at friendsofnewbutytownlibrary@gmail.com.  Thank you!



Plants can be dropped off in lobby beginning Friday at 10am.    Baked goods donations and purchases should be stored in the kitchen.  Room set-up can begin at 1pm.

All Board members to have picked up their donated plants & baked goods and updated Google Docs please.

Label and price plants, prepare Board Member name tags, have Membership Forms displayed.

Julie will be helping Pam Kinney with digging up, potting and transporting plants.

Patty to bring coffee, cups, milk, sugar and ice bucket for creams or milk.

Tammy to bring water bottles, napkins and paper plates, put together the cart with gardening and cookbooks, hang signs for book cart and Book Sale Room.

Maureen to obtain key and passcode for front door, make ‘Sponsored By’ board, set up Raffle table with tickets and items, descriptive posters, ticket containers, etc.

Money and Finances

Belen will be given the Home Depot & Andyman Gift Cards to purchase items.

Tammy will call Simard’s about purchasing a pie with the gift cards and will also use the Market Basket $50 gift card for plants, baked goods and/or supplies.  She will also use the Essex County Co-op gift card.  She purchased the $20 Sadie’s gift card from the Friends and Maureen will deposit the money into the Friends account.

Patty will take $20 Tendercrop gift card to make purchase.

Raffle tickets, coffee and water will cost $1.00 each and baked goods will be purchased on a donation basis.

Maureen to prepare cash box and Squareup Account, take home overnight Friday for early Saturday.  She will apply to the Town for a Raffle Permit and pay the fee.  Raffle items to be:  $50 Nunan’s, $50 Anastasia’s, Red Sox pitcher framed, autographed photo, $50 Bob Lobster, 4 passes to Cedardale, 4 passes Mass Bay Cruise Lines $100 value, 2 passes Water Country $80 value, possibly a terrarium from Le Reve, to be determined when it is dropped off on Saturday morning.


Belen will push out event details through all social media.

Decided not to obtain town permit for signage – Patty to place sign in her yard and Wendy Wood’s.

Follow up with Belen to see if professional signage is in the works or not.  Concensus was not to spend money on it afterall if none has been ordered.


Tammy will coordinate and follow up with volunteers and purchase price stickers.

Maureen to send Thank You letter template to Board to use after event in thanking the businesses that donated.

Patty will ask Michelle Walsh for help in answering buyer’s questions about plants on Saturday and follow up with Anastasia’s about plant to display on countertop at library.

Friends Board Members to arrive Saturday at 8:30 to finish set-up and Patty’s daughter Kate will man the baked goods table and donation vase.

Next regular Friends Board meeting:  May 19, Thursday 11:15am