April 2016 Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Maureen Haley, Tammy Cotter, Belen Wieler-Hawes, Patty Olson, Julie Maneikis, Jean Ackerly and Erin Tuomi.

President and Interim-Treasurer:   The Friends Board of Directors are always in need of volunteers and active Board Members.  To learn more, please feel free to attend the Friends Fiscal meeting in June – date to be determined.

Mary Leary, (Friends member, immense help in Endowment procedures, 30 yr member Ould Newbury Golf Club) gave Maureen a tour of the public and newly-renovated function room at the Ould Newbury Golf Club House to consider as a venue for a future fundraising event.

Income Taxes: The completed 2015 Income Taxes were picked up at H&R Block and Tammy will meet with Maureen to sign them as two signatures are required.

Bookmarks: The Newburyport Five Five Cents Saving Bank has agreed to pay for 5,000 bookmarks for approximately $470.00 from Minuteman Press upon approval of final proof received.  At that time the Friends can place the order.

Vice President and Membership Director: Friends Memberships:  There are currently 118 active Friends Members and that she emails monthly renewal reminders, following up with a second notice a few months later. The current number of Friends Members will be reported quarterly going forward. Tammy maintains and updates the Friends Membership status on Googledocs consistently.

Museum passes are being under-utilized so it was decided that patrons no longer need to be a Friends Member to use them, effective immediately.  Belen will create a flyer to post on NTL & Friends websites and Newsletters, copies to be posted at Library as well.

Book shelves for the Book Sale Room have been ordered and are due to arrive and be installed in six weeks.  Trustee Dick Passeri will contact the Town regarding removal of the old countertops and hardware beforehand.  He will also let the Friends Board know when to donate our half of the cost to the Library Gift & Memorial Fund.

Plant & Bake & Book Sale:  Tammy will create a list of places to ask for donations of plants & baked goods and then divide the list between the Board Members.  Tammy will ‘tweak’ a letter template from Maureen, to accompany the donation requests as needed.


VP Communications:  The Paint Nite Fundraiser is scheduled at Michael’s Harborside on Thursday, May 12th from 7-9 pm.  Currently, 9 tickets have been sold and there needs to be 35 sold to hold the event – the Board will continue to pursue buyers.

Museum passes:  The Board agreed to have the Museum passes available to all patrons immediately.  Belen will write up flyer to be posted on Friends & Library websites & Newsletters, copies to be posted in Library as well.

Library:  Jean Ackerly reported that a Library Director has not been hired, the position was offered to an individual but it was turned down.  Jean is considering filling the position herself.

Youth:   Erin Tuomi reported that June 28th is the Summer Program Kick-Off day from 12-4 and all are invited.  Orange Leaf Yogurt will be here along with an interactive show of Capoeira/Maculele – a Brazilian combination of dance, music and martial arts – by Boston’s own Sinha Capoeira.  (Outside, weather permitting).

The “2016 Summer of Fitness, Health & Wellness” flyer will be distributed during Baseball Opening Day.  The Program includes Teen Summer Tuesdays and Kids Summer Wednesdays & Fridays.  There will be family workshops such as Family Camping by REI, Riverside Cycle, Whirl-a-Way Sports, Yoga, Parkour, Volleyball, a Running Group, Tai Chi, Kayaking, Karate, Sports Injury Prevention, Agility Workshop and a Summer Concert along with Minecraft and Do Drops Playgroups and Mogan Taylor (Gustafer Yellowgold,  Teen Pizza Book Club, Teens Movies.  Erin has two workshop slots open and is looking for Ace Gymnastics to provide an introductory class possibly.

There will be an online registration for the Summer Reading Challenges with weekly raffles of prizes like a Fitbit, sports equipment, sports tickets and more!

Erin has been successful in raising funds and received a Grant of $1,000.00 from the Newburyport Five Cent Savings Bank and a donation of $600.00 from the NTL Board of Trustees, both for the Summer Reading Programs – thank you!

The Ryans Tall Tale Show is coming Friday, April 22nd at 11:00am.

Plant & Bake & Book Sale: The Board agreed that since there are many planning steps to discuss, a “Plant Sale Meeting” was scheduled for Thursday, April 28 at 11:15 in the Library.  In the meantime, Julie Maneikis confirmed that Shelly Watanabe will set up a kids craft for the event day.

Calendar:  April 28, Thurs. 11:15 to discuss next planning steps for Plant & Bake & Book Sale.