Friends Procedure Meeting Minutes Jan. 13, 2016

Friends Meeting Minutes.  Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016 10 am

Purpose:  Procedures Manual, Role Descriptions, Mission Statement and Plant Sale.

Prodedures and Roles:

The FONTL Board discussed and voted in favor of following Robert’s Rules in the future as well as possible.

Belen will be trained on Mailchimp by Tammy the week of January 25th and trained on WordPress software by Maureen and will be looking to recruit volunteer support for managing and updating the FONTL web.

Interim Secretary will be Eileen with Julie Maneikis as backup.  Meeting notes to be sent to the President and Board for review before posting to the FONTL website.

The Board considered Belen’s interest in combining duties of Event Director along with Director of Communications and it was approved.  Her new title will be Communications & Event Director and she will seek a committee chair/event coordinator to help her.   Maureen will contact Belen and assist in training as needed.

Eileen and Tammy will continue working together on FONTL Financials.  Tammy will help with organizing the library storage closet in order to store FONTL records.

FONTL Board Members:   Maureen Haley, President

Tammy Cotter, Membership Director

Eileen Silva, Treasurer

Belen Wieler-Hawes, Communications & Event Director

***Secretary (TBD)

Mission Statement:

The FONTL Board discussed and voted in favor of re-wording the Mission Statement from “The Friends mission is to support the Library and staff, to enhance the resources and services of the Library, and to enrich our community. As a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, it is a legally distinct entity” to:

“The Friends of the Newbury Town Library is a volunteer organization primarily focused on raising funds to support the Library and staff, to enhance the resources and services of the Library, and to enrich the community.  As a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, it is a legally distinct organization and all donations are fully tax-deductible.”

The FONTL Board will plan to vote on any Bylaw changes or changes to procedures, etc. during the Annual Budget and Election Meeting in June 2016.  (Per the Bylaws, all changes must be proposed to, and by, the Executive Board at least two months prior to the Annual Meeting or special meeting called by the President.)

Plant Sale and other fundraisers:

The FONTL decided to hold two main Fundraising Events this year, the Plant Sale and the Harvest Festival.   Date of Plant Sale to be determined.  Other ‘low labor intensive’ fundraising options to include Amazon Smile, Bank incentive programs, the Firehouse Grant, and the Berkshire Natural vending machine company.  Julie will talk to Pam Kinney to see if she will take a leading role in running the Plant Sale.  Belen is setting up and promoting the Amazon Smile fundraising opportunity.

Regarding Erin’s request for a member of the Friends Board to be present during the Free Friday movies, the Board will consider having a large sign/banner made to hang in the room during Friends sponsored events due to time constraints.  Tammy to contact a friend at a sign company for possible donation.  Another option was to ask for help from patrons/other Members via Mailchimp to create one?

President’s current projects:

Researching need for Insurance.  Researching Sponsors for Endowment Funding. Researching the American Library Association, Association of Library Friends and Massachuetts Friends of Library aong with National Friends Days, etc.  Considering fundraiser idea proposed by Trustees that they would assist with concerning increase of library hours.  Contacting Lowell Spinners regarding donations for Erin’s programs Summer Programs.  Coordinating Book Sale Room makeover with library director, Trustees and Friends.

Next meeting:  The next Friends meeting will be held on February 4th, Thursday, at 12:30 at the library.


January 2016 Meeting Notes

Attendance: Maureen Haley, Tammy Cotter, Belen Weiler-Hawes, Julie Maneikis, Eileen Silva, Janet Schoene, Erin Tuomi, Amy Sadkin

Library News: Sadly,  Amy’s last day with us will be Jan. 27th.  The Trustees met with her on Jan. 5th and will be posting her job soon.  Meanwhile, Jean will be Interim Director.  We will miss Amy dearly and wish her the very best!  The Friends Board will be taking her to lunch on Wed. Jan. 13th.

Youth Programs:  Our Youth Librarian, Erin, has been happily working in the background lining up 4 author visits and planning the Summer Reading Program.  She requested $1,300. for expenses and the Friends Board voted in favor of helping fund the programs.  They will be for both elementary school ages and teens with the teen programs being every Tuesday for six weeks.  She requested a member of The Friends Board be present at the beginning of programs to describe what The Friends are, what we do and how the community can help.  The Newbury Elementary Summer Camp Fair is scheduled for Feb. 7th and Julie is slated to attend with Erin to talk about the upcoming library programs.  Please stop by and talk with them for more information!  Erin recently applied for and was awarded a grant of $4,100. for technology!  Go Erin!  She shared information about Berkshire Natural vending machines, a company that makes healthy snacks. The Friends Board will look into the possibility of using them as a possible funding stream as they would pay us a commission. Thank you to Erin for all that you do!

Communications:  Belen has been working behind the scenes by regularly promoting the Friends events and success stories – thank you Belen!  We will be putting together a Calendar of Events for her soon.  Please visit our Facebook page and read the Daily News for Belen’s updates on what the Friends have been doing and what’s coming up soon.

Treasurer update:  The Friends have approx. $10,000. in the Account. Tammy and Eileen will will be joining forces in the handling of the Friends financials – thank you Tammy and Eileen for the great teamwork!  Amanda Levy’s name on the bank Account will be replaced with Maureen’s and Tammy’s as Amanda moves on with another adventurous chapter in her life.  She assures us she will always be on hand when needed as a good Friend should be!

Fundraisers:  The Flatbread Fundraiser totaled $450.00 and the Not Your Average Joe’s Fundraiser totaled $384.90.  A huge Thank You to everyone that participated!  It is much appreciated, as well as much needed for library programming.  The Friends are looking for ideas on how to grow the Lois Smith Endowment Fund – there is seed money there with the intent to make the library self-sustaining in the future but it needs much more.  The Friends will be discussing our vision for Fundraising in the New Year during our next few meetings.  As always, all are welcome – please come see what we are all about and tell us about yourself.

Book Sale Room:  With the Makeover Fundraisers and a generous donation of $1,000.00 from the Nickerson family, the Friends now have the necessary money to purchase and install new shelving!  There is a meeting planned for Jan. 20 at 11:30, where Maureen, Dick Passeri, Amy Sadkin and Jean Ackerly will assess what is the best course of action from here.  Tammy has taken some ‘before’ pictures of the room and will be taking more during the renovation.  Thank you Tammy!  Watch the process while visiting the library or looking at the pictures we post on this site and Facebook.  Be sure to say hello to Ashley, our Book Sale Room Coordinator extraordinaire!  She has been diligently organizing the space for our generous book-loving patrons to find just the right books to buy  J.  Thank you Ashley!

Friends Board Members update:  Shelly Watanabe is taking a step down from her position as Board Secretary and we are certainly going to miss her.  She assures us that she will still be a dedicated Friends Member and volunteer during events. We wish you the best Shelly and thank you for your time!  The Board is looking for someone to replace Shelly’s duties of recording detailed, accurate notes during the Board’s one hour meetings once a month at the library, usually held on a Wednesday morning at 10am but are subject to change.  In our endeavors of creating a basic Procedure Board Manual, the Board is submitting a brief summary of their individual responsibilities and any logins/passwords used.

President News:  Maureen  has accepted the offer of President of the Friends and we are thrilled to have her!   I will pass the reigns to her and  help as necessary with the transition.  Many thanks to Maureen!! Maureen briefly stated that she is looking forward to continuing the success and progress of the Board and will support them in whatever they need.  She stressed that I will be sorely missed by all and I truly appreciate that.  It has been a wonderful experience.

As always, the Friends Board needs many hands to make the magic happen!  Please contact us if you are interested in joining the Board in support of our great library.

Wishing you all the best,

Julie Maneikis

Calendar:  Next Meeting Jan. 13, 2016  10am for Procedure Manual finalization and role descriptions.  There will be a regular monthly meeting scheduled for February to discuss Fundraising.