December 2015 Meeting Notes

December 16, 2015  Meeting Notes


Ashley Remignanti, Book Sale Room Coordinator

Tammy Cotter, Membership Director

Maureen Haley, Events Director

Eileen Silva, Treasurer

Julie Maneikis, Interim President

Erin Tuomi, Youth Services Librarian

Amy Sadkin, Director of the Library

Book Sale Room update:

  • It has been communicated to The Friends that a donation will be forthcoming from a patron to help with the cost of renovating the Book Sale Room. Ashley will look to coordinate a meeting between herself, Trustee, Dick Passeri and Amy Sadkin regarding the exact plan for shelving for the room.  At that time, we will seek quotes on shelving/installation, etc.  The Friends Board will write a special thank you for this generous donation!

Erin’s Youth Library Programs update:

  • Summer Reading theme for 2016 is Health & Wellness and will also seek to target teens. Erin plans to solicit local businesses (such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc) to donate items in support of Summer Reading Programs.  Maureen offered to help Erin with this endeavor.
  • Erin has added a mention of Friends’ sponsored events on her monthly calendar – Thanks Erin!
  • Erin is excited to have a special MA children’s book author, Jennifer Malone coming in Feb. to offer a writing workshop for upper elementary age kids.
  • Erin shared the news that the Library is now on Instagram!

Amy’s Library update:

  • Amy and Library Staff hosted a luncheon for volunteers last week w/money from the Book Sale kitty. Dick P. and Julie also attended.
  • Amy spoke with Trustees regarding a possible future fundraiser for the Friends. The goal of which would be to increase open library hours as this is something that is commonly called for among community members.  Trustees are supportive.  This would be a sizable undertaking as Amy shared that to keep the library open for one additional hour per week for one year, would cost $3,000. Two hours per week for one year, $6,000 and so on.

Julie’s update:

  • NES PTA contacted Julie to invite the Library/Friends to have a display booth at the NES Summer Camp Fair to be held in February. Julie asked for one or two other board members to join her and Erin there.  Ashley will try to attend.  More details will be forthcoming.
  • There was some discussion on how to restructure our board a bit – perhaps into subcommittees. We also discussed advertising for additional board members (perhaps a tech support person, someone to handle making posters for the lobby announcing our events, the next President, etc)
  • We also discussed whether The Friends may be able to provide any assistance regarding Lois Smith endowment fund effort. We are willing to help.
  • We did not get a chance to cover patron, Janet Schoene’s suggestion of doing a book plate fundraiser. Julie will email the board and garner feedback to see if this is something we want to move forward with in the near term or bring up at our next meeting.  Thanks to Janet for this idea!

Treasurer’s update:

  • Our account continues to hover at roughly $10,000, plus/minus depending on outstanding invoices. Currently at $9,597.45.
  • Eileen reviewed the invoices that she’s paid and we discovered that one bill has been coming in to The Friends and we’ve been paying it, but it should have been paid by the Town. Eileen provided copies of those invoices that were double-paid to Amy and she will contact the vendor to work to rectify this.
  • Eileen transferred the money that had collected in our PayPal account and deposited to our bank account, roughly $206.00.
  • Decided not prudent use of funds to renew the pass to The Lowell Spinners in 2016 as the passes were greatly underutilized in 2015. Maureen however, will reach out to them to see if they might donate anything for the Library’s Summer Reading programs.

Flatbread Fundraiser Update:

  • Last night we held our winter Flatbread Fundraiser which included a small silent auction. Auction bids raised $200.00. Not all items were sold, but the items included:  Four pair of Celtics tickets, Gift Certificates to Grapevines & Brushstrokes and Roots to Wings Yoga, a signed Bruin’s Puck and a signed, framed Red Sox photo.  Dick Passeri was the winner of a pair of Celtics Tickets!
  • Manager at Flatbread confirmed that a check would be mailed out today. Thanks to Flatbread for their community spirit/generosity!

Next meeting date:  Wednesday, January 6th, 10 am at the Library.

Thank you to our FONTL Board Members for your hard work this year and best wishes to you all and the Library Staff for a happy, healthy holiday season! I am grateful for all of you!

Julie Maneikis, Interim President