November 2015 Meeting Notes

In attendance:  Julie Maneikis, Tammy Cotter, Eileen Silva, Ashley Remignanti, Maureen Haley, Belen Wieler-Hawes, Erin Tuomi, Amy Sadkin and Jean Cormier.

November 18th, 2015

First and foremost, since this is our first official meeting all together since our Harvest Festival, I want to extend my sincerest thanks to our entire Board and the Staff of the NTL for your many individual and combined efforts that went into making Harvest Festival such a success!   Way to go team!

Treasurer report:  The Friends Account has roughly $11,000.00.

Events report:  Not Your Average Joe’s Restaurant is underway for this month and next.  We’re hoping to raise some good money on Tuesdays with the restaurant donating 15% of patrons bills, not including alcohol, back to the Friends for our Book Sale Room Make-Over.  Our Flatbread Pizza event is scheduled for December 15.  The Friends will have a sub-committee meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 2 to finalize details.  For possible Fundraising events in the future, Belen will contact Otto’s Pizza/Leary’s Wine and Oregano’s (who donates 20% and includes alcohol).

The Friends were fortunate to have donated to us six pairs of Celtics game tickets!  The November and December games were awarded via the Friends Facebook Page to two lucky visitors!  The remaining four pairs will be used at the Flatbread Fundraising Event, Dec. 15, during the Silent Auction along with some other surprises – details to follow.  All proceeds will go towards Youth Programs.  We have items left over from the Harvest Festival that were donated to us (7 Gift Cards plus 3 Not Your Average Joe’s Gift Cards) that we will decide how to use in the future during an upcoming Board Meeting.

Amy had an idea for a future fundraiser event with a local artist that will donate her time, Maia Marzelli.  We could apply for a one-day liquor license and charge a registration fee.  This could be a great winter event.

Membership Update:  There was much discussion regarding Membership Dues and  Museum Pass Policy.  The Board decided to leave both as is because the Museum Passes are expensive and are funded by the Friends Memberships.  We will need to discuss doing more PR around the Museum Passes that the Library holds as usage is low and cost is high.  For example, the Aquarium cost is $650./year and is only utilized two or three times a month and is not available at all during the summer.  Tammy will place signs and Membership Forms by the Keurig coffee machine and at the Circulation Desk.

Newsletter: Belen will have a draft next week for the Board to review.  Amy and Erin provided a list of programs sponsored by the Friends to be incorporated into it along with information provided regarding Massachusetts Libraries usage being on the upswing.

Amy/Erin Library News:  We welcome Marcia, the new Youth Librarian Assistant!  Erin had an idea for the next Harvest Festival of having carved pumpkins brought in by the patrons for a contest, and having a Scarecrow making area where patrons bring the clothes to stuff with hay that the Friend will provide.  Erin is looking for ways to open a dialogue with the Triton students and staff and Belen suggested she meet with the President of the PTA.

Book Sale Room update:  Needing to reduce/stop book donations, Julie created a flyer offering a free book per day during Thanksgiving week.  She will also do a MailChimp Letter announcement to Members and post to our Facebook page.

Thanks to all again for a wonderful Harvest Festival!

Julie Maneikis, Interim President