Meeting Notes for Flatbread Pizza Fundraiser

December 2, 2015.  In Attendance:  Julie Maneikis, Maureen Haley and Belen Wieler-Hawes.

There was a need for a quick Board Meeting to review strategy and planning for the fast approaching date of the Friends next event, the Flatbread Pizza Fundraiser.  With the Thanksgiving Holiday, everyone’s busy schedules and the short notice, only a few of Members were available.

After much discussion, here are the details on strategy and planning steps:

The Friends will start promoting the event this week via Facebook, the Chamber of Commerce, the Daily News, The Greater Newburyport Mothers and Families Club, NES, Triton, the Library and the websites.

The event will include a small, Silent Auction – keeping it simple while trying to raise some good money for the Friends to sponsor more Youth Programs.  The items to be auctioned are:  4 pairs of Celtics game tickets, an autographed Bruins hockey puck, an autographed picture of a Red Sox player, 30 day Pass to Roots to Wings Yoga Studio and 2 passes to BrushStrokes and Grapevines.  Pre-event bidding will be available via Facebook up until the night before by private messaging or emailing the Friends.  Tammy & Julie will monitor bids for Belen to update the bidding sheets before the event.  Bidding at the event itself will end at 7pm.  We will accept check, credit card, Pay Pal and possibly Square Account.  (Eileen/Jen to get Maureen set up with that).

Belen will create the bidding sheets for the event and bring balloons to Flatbread Pizza.  Maureen will contact BrushStrokes and Roots to Wings to see if they will cross-promote the event and their donated items, frame the Red Sox picture and forward pictures of the auction items to Belen for placing into lucite holders to be displayed at the event.  Julie will handle updating the banner with the date of the event and bringing it to Flatbread by next Tuesday, Dec. 8.

Julie and Maureen plan on being at Flatbread Pizza from 4:30-9pm and welcome all other Board Members !  There’s much to do – so any and all offers of help are greatly appreciated!  Let’s make this a huge success!

Thank you,

Julie Maneikis, Interim President