June 2015 Monthly Meeting Notes – better late than never!

Julie kicked off the meeting with some ‘presidential words’ by saying, “Ask not what your library can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your library.” We welcome Julie Maneikis as our Interim President !  With that we got ourselves acquainted as a new Friends Board and took a moment to document all contact info, titles, etc.
The Friends are:
Julie Maneikis, Interim President
Tammy Cotter, Membership Coordinator
Eileen Silva, Treasurer
Maureen Haley, Event Director
Shelley Watanabe, Secretary
Amanda Levy
Ashley Remignanti
Notes from our first (agenda-less) meeting:

Documents that reside on google docs can easily be downloaded to create a backup copy to a user’s hard drive.  We will work to backup all the Friends documents regularly going forward.  We still have a lot of info to learn from Myf so that we can take over the reins on many things and she will answer our questions as she can.    Julie/Tammy wish to create a separate email to ask for volunteers and give them specific examples of what our needs are.

Library:  Erin Tuomi, Youth Services Librarian:  Summer Reading Kickoff is this coming Wednesday.  Erin had idea to use Museum passes to encourage kids to complete their summer reading.  Amy Sadkin, Library Director, reported that the Trustees met last night,  (for our new folks, Amy explained who the trustees are and that they serve a 3 yr term), and they are excited about Harvest Festival.  It will also include a 15 Year Anniversary Celebration for our new library.  Lois Anderson was in charge of the building committee and was a trustee at the time and was instrumental in getting our beautiful library built.  Amy plans to ask trustees to donate a cake for the occasion of the 15th anniversary!

Events:  Regarding our next large event/fundraiser which is the ‘ Fall Fest’ or ‘Harvest Fest’ scheduled for Oct. 17th; we are just starting to organize all the details.  Maureen has sent out 50 ‘ask’ letters to solicit donations for a raffle  – so far, she has donations from local restaurants and from SkyZone!!!  Way to go Maureen!  Please let us know what we can all do to help!

A Chili Cook-Off will be part of Fall Fest (Harvest Fest)  – noon to 2pm will be better time for chili this year.  Chii and book sale made $400+ last year.  Erin is thinking about kids entertainment and hoping to target the tweens and teens, she has amp/keyboard/electric guitar available for use.  Maureen will check with Ipswich ale truck for the Harvest Festival.  Amy can get us in front of selectman to get approval for one day liquor license.  We believe Ruth had the idea of having macaroni and cheese for kids this year!  Ashley will be in charge of the Book Sale Room and there will be a Bake Sale – more brainstorming to come – it will be the BEST one ever – need lots of volunteers and helping hands though!!!
Calendar:  Next meeting date is July 22nd at 10am.  ALL WELCOME!!
THANK YOU TO ALL who are serving on our board and helping the Friends.
Julie Maneikis, Interim President