July 2015 Monthly Meeting Notes – still getting caught up!

Notes from our first “Summer Meeting” on July 22nd.   Our goal was to reconnect and refocus as we are a new Friends Board.

Attendees: Julie Maneikis, Interim President;  Maureen Haley, Event Director;  Amanda Levy, Board Member; Tammy Cotter, Membership Director; and Library Trustee, Dick Passeri.

(Library was short-staffed today, which prevented Amy Sadkin, Library Director and Erin Tuomi, Youth Services Librarian, from joining our meeting.)

Dick took some time to explain to our new board about the roles and function of the Library Trustees. They are elected positions, serving three year staggered terms. Dick’s term will end this coming May. The Trustees are politically involved with the town. They also establish library policy, approve budgets, and have some oversight of the building itself, though the town Building Inspector has ultimate responsibility for facilities management of library building and grounds. Thank you for your time today Dick. The Trustees next meeting is scheduled for August 18th at 6:15 at the library. Some Friends Board Members hope to attend and the public is welcome. Please consider coming! We will work to make sure that all the Trustees (and Friends Board Members) are added to our Mailchimp list (Mailchimp is our software program that we are now using in lieu of ListServ) to communicate with our Friends Members and patrons.

Overall, we discussed our goals, which include:

  • To continue to do what we’ve done well in the past, but raise more money at each event.
  • To grow membership and efficiently manage the renewal process.
  • To considering hosting some new events now that we have more board members.
  • To increase our communication with the public through multiple avenues including social media and be sure our patrons understand our goals and needs.

Youth Services/Erin Tuomi:

Erin was able to pop in to our meeting briefly. She requested our help in soliciting for K’nex Building Sets. Julie will gladly email our patron list to ask for donations. Please contact etuomi@mvlc.org if you have any K’Nex (in good condition) that you can donate. Another ‘wish-list’ item for Erin is to have a Thomas The Train Table in the children’s area. Julie will post on the Greater Newburyport Mothers & Family Club site to see if anyone has one to donate. Also, might The Children’s Orchard donate one if they receive one? Julie will contact them.

Membership, Tammy Cotter:

Tammy is working on getting an updated Membership Form out and is waiting on Julie to email her a version with our new logo. Tammy is working hard to establish a firm list of our Friends Members. We have a list of people who are not currently Friends members, but who may have been Friends at one point. Maureen and Tammy will draft a letter to those people so we can ascertain their status. We are considering how best to manage membership, whether renewal should be done once a year for all, or on a rolling monthly basis. Need to streamline the process. Open to feedback and help. More to come on Membership…thanks Tammy!

Upcoming Events: Harvest Festival, Maureen Haley:

Maureen has been continuing to solicit and receive excellent donations, such as Lazer Quest and Mass Bay Lines Sunset Cruise, that we will use for our raffle during our Harvest Festival this Fall. Maureen will need volunteers for the Harvest Festival and will endeavor to create a Signup Genius account to solicit for volunteers. Thank you Maureen! The Harvest Festival will also be a celebration of the 15thAnniversary of our library. Details to follow but the event will take place Sat. October 17th. Amanda/Maureen (??) will look into swag ideas as possible fundraiser…..book bags?? Thank you Amanda and Maureen!

Other Ideas:

Julie raised the question of possibly holding an “Annual Appeal” at some point as she learned this is a major way that The Kennebunk Free Library in Kennebunk, Maine garners funding. Dick said we should bring this idea to the Trustees and they would consider.

Amanda also brought up the idea of doing a Kickstarter Campaign or a GoFundMe Campaign. We certainly have a need for funds for programming and if we were to go forward with this type of appeal, we would need to designate a certain item or event which needs specific funding. Belen, could you help with this type of thing? Friends Board will continue to work with Library Directors and Staff to understand and help meet their needs/requests.

Julie brought up the idea of The Friends holding a Road Race as a possible futurefundraiser. The idea of holding this in conjunction with the Byfield Music and ArtsFestival was introduced since that event draws many people to town. Julie will ask Erica Jacobsen if Linda Allen is the right person to contact in regard to this event.

Dick suggested we obtain the Selectman’s emails so that they are aware of our doings.  Julie/Tammy will add them to Mailchimp.

Ongoing Book Sale, Ashley Remignanti:

Ashley is working on the Book Sale Room and reports that it is continuing to bring in funds! The main need is shelving to showcase and organize the books and take full advantage of the space we have available to us. Dick said there may be some unused shelving available in storage in the library and will talk to Amy about getting it into the book sale room. We may need helpers to install. Ashley’s goal is to have the book sale room in full swing by this Fall! Thank you Ashley!

Treasurer Update: Jenn is working with Eileen on getting her up to speed on Treasurer duties.

Communications Update, Belen Wieler-Hawes: Belen will help to make sure our website is up to date once our new membership form is ready as well as all other online tools are updated with our new forms and info.

Wrap Up:
We are excited about our upcoming events and as always, we welcome feedback and involvement from our community and would love to have new and past Friends join our team! If you have time and would like to help, please contact us. Our next meeting is tentatively set for August 12th at 10am at the library. As always, please check us out at fontl.wordpress.com or email us at friendsofnewburylibrary@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Julie Maneikis, Interim President