Sept. 2015 Monthly Meeting Notes


2015 September Monthly Meeting

We had a busy meeting today with a hard stop at 11am.  Quite a bit was accomplished and thank you all for attending!

Attendees:  Friends Board Members:  Julie Maneikis, Tammy Cotter, Belen Wieler-Hawes, Jenn Myette, Eileen Silva, Amanda Levy,  Maureen Haley and Ashley Remignanti.  Library Staff:  Erin Tuomi, Amy Sadkin.  Mimmi Roy (patron of library and Board Member of the Greater Newburyport Mothers & Families Club).  Thank you Mimmi for joining us and also for generously donating a one year Membership to the GNMFC for our raffle during the Harvest Festival & 15th Anniversary Celebration!

Processes/Procedures: Julie is thinking about workflow processes and procedures and this winter will endeavor to put together a manual for The Friends. Please note that Julie needs to have final approval for all public announcements (b/c in some cases Amy/Trustees also need to approve).  Thanks!

Membership Update:  Tammy update on Membership database cleanup effort:  Over the next week or so, Tammy will send out a letter to all patrons whose Friends membership status is uncertain in an effort to get them to rejoin and also announce the Harvest Festival.  Maureen has been instrumental in getting our FONTL website updated with our new Membership Form.  Amy needs staff to be able to access our database of Friends for patrons who want to use the Museum Passes.  Julie will give read-only access of it to Amy for that purpose.

Website:  We are seeking The Board’s input and feedback on the changes to our website thus far.   There was discussion around bringing the Friends website into the framework of the Library’s website.  Consensus is to make that change after the completion of Harvest Festival.  All thought the changes thus far were positive.

Events Update:  Maureen update on Harvest Festival & 15th Anniversary Celebration There won’t be a beer truck due to the cost, we won’t need to post signs to advertise as we have Social Media, etc; six new donations have come in for raffle, decor and food.  Chili cook-off (Tammy/Julie) – Belen will ask for chili cooks via our website and Facebook.   We decided not to provide chili toppings, to keep things simple. No internal signage needed for day of event. Eileen will get some fall décor for event, hay bales, etc. – this will provide a place for kids’ photos to be taken. (Belen will handle getting parent’s permission – Amy has the permmission slips avail at library).  Julie to create sign up genius for the event (serve chili, donate drinks, make mac n cheese, cleanup crew, etc).  Belen / Julie to create a mailchimp campaign to look for cooks/volunteers.  Bake Sale: Jenn Myette will be in charge of Bake Sale table.  She will pick up donation from Buccierelli’s with Maureen.  Ashley will be in charge of the Book Sale Room, Shelley will supervise leaf crafts with kids, Jenn Myette and Jen Schaffner will help with childrens games.

Treasurer Update:  Jenn/Eileen – Can we set a date to have duties fully transitioned to Eileen?  Eileen and Amanda need to go to the Newburyport Five Cents Bank in person to get signing privileges for our accounts.

Communications Update:  Belen – Update on Communications for Harvest Festival & 15th Anniversary Celebration (cake to be given by Library Trustees).  Belen shared the draft of her flyer to use for PR for the Harvest Festival.  She’ll send it to Board for review and hopes to have it finalized by this Friday for pushing out to all media outlets, social networking sites, etc.

Book Store Update: Ashley:  Book store brought in $250 last month!  Discussion around bookstore bursting at seams and how to deal with an excess, while not stopping donations.  Sell a bag of books for less $$?  Ashley researching shelving.

OTHER: Julie has been wanting to seek out a technical person/website manager to update our website for us and a high school student from Triton (Emma Cashman) has come forward to handle this for The Friends.  Julie to be cross-trained.  In the meantime, HUGE thanks to Maureen who has stepped up and become a web-guru and has really whipped our site into shape!

LIBRARY NEWS (Amy & Erin):  Amy had emailed that the woman from Minuteman Press stopped by recently and dropped off info on printing things with logos on them.  Should we consider getting a quote for stationery or book bags in the future?  Unfortunately we ran out of time to hear an update from Amy/Erin.

CALENDAR:  Next meeting date:  October 7, 10am