August 2015 Monthly Meeting Notes

We had a very lively and well-attended meeting this month.  There is alot going on, so here is the info:


Amy Sadkin, Library Director

Erin Tuomi, Youth Services Librarian

Shelley Watanabe, Secretary of the Friends

Belen Weiler, Dir. Of Communications of The Friends

Julie Maneikis, Interim President of The Friends

Jenn Myette, Outgoing Treasurer of The Friends

Eileen Silva, Incoming Treasurer of The Friends

Maureen Haley, Event Director for The Friends

Ashley Remignanti, Book Sale Coordinator for The Friends

Jennifer Schaffner, community member/library patron

Membership Update:  Tammy not able to attend, notes from Tammy were shared by Julie.  The letter and new Membership Form created by Tammy were approved by Board.  Our current list has almost 300 Members on it!  We need to update the library website and Friends page with new Membership form, Logo, etc.,  Amy approved Jean Ackerly to help us.  Suggestion was made to include Friends website as part of framework of library website.  Belen and Jean to get together on this and possibly add a link to our Facebook page.

Events Update:  Harvest Festival & 15th Anniversary Celebration:   Lots of great prizes have been solicited by Maureen, including Blue Man Group tickets, for the raffle.  Julie will create a Signup Genius for volunteers of time and/or items needed that day.  Tammy will create a Mailchimp campaign.  Belen is preparing the PR; newspaper articles and social media outlets will be utilized.  Jen Schaffner stepped forward to be the head of the games committee.  Jenn Myette will coordinate volunteers to help with games and man the Bake Sale.  Leaf art craft with Shelley Watanabe.  Erin has  lined up a fantastic story teller in the large room for kids.  Need a volunteer to run all aspects of chili contest.  Julie asked Renee Toth but she has prior commitments and cannot do it.  Will check with Tammy to see if she wants to take it on or can find someone who is willing.

Treasurer Update:  Jenn and Eileen have met and begun the process of turning over the duties to Eileen.  Jenn is working to add Eileen and Amanda to the bank paperwork for signing privileges.  The online Memberships/and Paypal payments going forward will go to Eileen and Tammy.  Julie will see to making that change.  Erin would like for it to be possible to donate online thru Paypal to Friends.  We will look into this after the Harvest Festival.

 Communications Update:  Belen will put material together about Harvest Festival & 15th Anniversary Celebration for local media and push it out through numerous channels including the networks at Newbury Elementary School, Chamber of Commerce, social media, newspapers, Facebook, etc.

 Book Store Update: Ashley has added signs to the front walls of books that are for sale.  In order to remodel the book store room, the main need is shelving and/or $$$.  Working with Belen, we will consider a campaign for public help in funding for book store room makeover.

Library News:  Amy:  Library programming this summer has been awesome and well attended.  Hoping to start up Author Teas, Geneaology Programs, etc this fall.  Amy mentioned results of the Long Range Survey and will share on library website.  Bottom line:  patrons would like the library to be open more hours and days per week.  Erin:  Great fall lineup, Laughs & Crafts, Family Sprouts (age 0-5), Minecraft, etc.  She is looking for middle school age volunteers for Minecraft and still needs Thomas trains and tracks and K’nex building materials.

Miscellaneous:  The Library Trustees meeting was moved to next Thurs at 6:15 and Maureen and Julie plan to attend if schedules permit.  ALL WELCOME!

Account balances:

  • Endowment: did not have most current balance at time of meeting
  • Friends: did not have most current balance at time of meeting


Next Friends meeting dates:

Sept 16th 10 am

Oct. 7th 10 am

Thanks to everyone who is working hard and giving their time and energy to bring success to The Friends of the Newbury Town Library!  I appreciate all your help and effort!

Julie Maneikis, Interim President of the Friends