Monthly Meeting Notes — December 5, 2013

We met today at noon for our monthly meeting. Before I get to any of the details of the meeting, I want to remind you of our next community event. This event is free and open to the public and it is a lot of fun. Please do join us for the Fourth Annual Friends of the Newbury Town Library HOLIDAY COOKIE SWAP Thursday, December 19th, 6:30 pm,

As for the meeting, our first order of business was to discuss our fundraising updates. After reviewing our poll data, we are moving forward with a restaurant fundraiser in January 2014 and we are incorporating a chili cook off into our book sale in the fall.

As for the restaurant fundraiser, the contract has not yet been signed and so we won’t give all of the details yet, but please pencil in the date of Wednesday, January 22nd. More information to come shortly. We are excited about this event and hope you will be, too.

In other exciting news, Amy Sadkin reported that the first Tuesday open was a smashing success. I was there when they opened the doors and can report that there were people actually lined up and waiting to get in. It was a joy to behold! Amy reports that the general feedback for the new hours has been very positive.

Along with the library we offered a 1/2 off & $4 fill a bag book sale to celebrate the opening. The sale has been so successful that it has been extended. So if you need some new reading material, now is your chance to stock up for the winter.

In fact, the ongoing book sale at the library has been so successful at the library that Amy is looking into providing some additional space where we could set up a Friends’ bookstore. We are thrilled with the idea and hope it will work out.

As for membership, we have some members who moved on to other towns or did not find it feasible to renew but for the most part we are holding steady at over 100 members. This is great news. Wouldn’t it be great if by this time next year we had 200 members?

We are delighted that our accounts are staying relatively stable but, as stated above, we continue to look for ways to increase the income so that we can fund more programs at the library.

Our next monthly meeting is Wednesday, January 8 at 10 am at the library.

What a great year we have had as a group and a community. I, and the board of the Friends, thank you very much for your support and wish you the very best in the coming year.