October FONTL Meeting Notes

Last night we held our monthly meeting. Below are the notes:


    • BOOK SALE: $709.50 GRAND TOTAL profit after expenses. We also had two new members sign up. Great job, everyone!

    • Book sale Postmortem: We discussed how to improve upon the book sale next year. Ideas included, holding the sale for two days instead of one, having the room available for set up earlier than the day before, aggressively solicit volunteers, set up the sale more like a book sale (with “staff picks” etc), bring in high school musicians to play during the sale, have a “buy a bag” (like the Amesbury book sale), move the sale earlier in the month (and not on a holiday), etc.

      • MARK YOUR CALENDARS: May 17th 2014 is the date

      • We will begin soliciting donations from garden centers in February

    • Other fundraising ideas: We are in the process of fleshing out several exciting fundraising ideas. We will create a poll to share with Friends’ members and library patrons to gauge interest.


    • Status of renewals. Several of our October renewals have yet renew. They will be moved to inactive on the list as of November 1st.

  • Upcoming Meetings:

    • Endowment Subcommittee next meeting: November 2nd, 10AM
    • Next FONTL meeting: November 21st, 6:30PM

    In a final note: our beloved Secretary, Renee Toth, needs to free up some time in her hectic schedule. As such, while she will remain active with the Friends, we are actively seeking a replacement for her on the board. If you are interested or know anyone who is, please send us an email.